Hugo in 100 Seconds

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30 thoughts on “Hugo in 100 Seconds

  1. I like how practical it is if you know what you are doing, but jesus christ the documentation is more open to intepretation than the bible book of revelations.

  2. I currently switched from Jekyll to Hugo and it is a bliss never I had so much fun! it is really nice to work with and superb fast. On my M1 Mac it compiles in 2 ms.

  3. Open official quick start guide; shows how to create an example page. Example page gives 404. Create an 'about' page instead, that works. Ok. Create official example page again: 404. Create literally anything else: 404. Create 'about' yet again, it works. 8 hours of research later: it's not set to draft (not that is matters, I'm using `-D` anyway), I've defined site layouts, tried various themes, tried single page etc, still get 404. Literally every single answer online: "Just use `-D` bruh". WHAT IS THIS HELL

  4. Damn… honestly my first experience with hugo wasn't as great as you just pictured it. I'm now thinking it was due to the theme I used. I was unsure of trying it out on my own but after seeing this I think I would've been better off starting from scratch ๐Ÿ˜

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