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  1. Diablo, The cheater, the abuser, the vicious cycle he created… How could he still think of me that way?

    I was a dog.

    Now I am nothing… is my life over?

    Is he trying to kill me?

    Maybe all of this time he was just playing me?

    Perhaps he was planning to say goodbye and set the date in his head somewhere, where I would never find out.

    But what if he was telling the truth when he said he was planning to break up with me on December 14?

    What if he really does love me and it was never a game?

    After the really devastating things he said to me a few months ago, I am terrified to know the truth.

    It could tear me apart completely… If he doesn't end things, I know I'll always wonder.

    And it would be selfish of me to give up the only man I've ever loved… I'll hurt him, too… I couldn't let that happen…

    He knows I love him more than anything.

    I know he loves me too, but that wasn't going to change whether he wanted to be with me or not…

    I told him I loved him and that we were going to make

  2. "Brian Sumner is a British skateboarder, Christian pastor and traveling evangelist, originally from Liverpool, England. Sumner came to America at age 15, to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder." 🗿

  3. I had to finish the one with the kids in the theatre and the coffee, so here it is. (21:28)

    I was such a damn good student they made me a teacher.
    Mother didn't raise no fool.
    And a teacher I was.
    The other day my English class went out to the local high school to see "it's a wonderful life".
    They had all kinds of snacks and drinks to keep them occupied and to help them to not all during the movie.
    Did I mention I teach seniors?
    I should have known I'd have to keep an eye on those bozos!
    I was very concerned about the soda thing.
    There were 4 of them.
    They were pretty quiet and just enjoying the movie.
    Everyone else in the movie was quiet too.
    Nobody was talking except when the kids couldn't hear the speaker.
    It was perfect.
    But then, out of the blue, as I was reaching for my coffee, I heard this stupid American accented voice pipe up.
    Well of course I had to turn
    Of course it was one of the girls from my class.
    "Look at that!" she said and pointed at the screen with her big chocolate colored eyes.
    That was the first mistake.
    She wasn't even looking at the screen.
    This is what she saw: A couple of angels are sitting at a table outside some shop.
    One angel is tapping his foot impatiently while the other is leaning back in a chair.
    Behind them is a man who appears to be in line waiting to buy something or get into the store.
    It was obvious to me what the girl wanted me to see.
    An angel who was tired of waiting
    and an angel who was lazy.
    To a kid like her, it must have been hilarious.
    The rest of the class was watching the movie, but after she laughed so hard, everyone knew what was happening.
    So you can imagine how the rest of the movie went.
    I should have stopped it right there.
    They would have understood if I'd told them to stop laughing.
    But I didn't.
    Instead, I let it go on until the end.
    By the time the credits started rolling, every last one of them was laughing.
    After the movie we all sat around talking about their favorite parts.
    If only I could have gotten them to tell me which part was their favorite.
    That would have been enough.
    But noooooooo.
    Then one of the boys asked me why I hadn't stopped the movie.
    He was being serious.
    I thought he was going to cry.
    I don't know why I even got mad.
    Maybe because I was still hot.
    Or maybe because I felt bad because I knew what she really meant by that.
    You see, I'm half Filipino.
    My mother is from the Philippines.
    She was married to an American soldier and moved here when I was little.
    I don't remember much about her childhood.
    I know her family was poor.
    I know that my father was stationed in the Phillipines during the war.
    He died before I was born.
    Anyway, I grew up with two things: my mom and the movies.
    I mean, the movies were everywhere in the Philippines.
    In the mall, at the theater, on TV.
    Filipinos love the movies.
    Everything about them.
    All of us kids wanted to grow up to be actors or singers.
    We knew the songs before we could talk.
    When we heard a song, one of the girls would start singing it.
    Then everybody would join in.
    Filipino music is beautiful.
    Sometimes we would sing the words wrong, but nobody cared.
    We sang anyway.
    I guess that's why I never learned to speak English until I came to America.
    It was the easiest way to learn.
    Kids in the Philippines don't care about speaking English properly.
    It's more important that you understand what they're saying.
    (Except for English teachers!)
    I know I'm supposed to be ashamed of that.
    But I really am not.
    My parents taught me not to be ashamed.
    Just don't do it in front of foreigners.
    And I've always tried to follow that rule.
    Sometimes I try too hard.
    Like today.
    As soon as the credits began rolling, I heard the whole class start cheering.
    Not just a little cheer either.
    A loud, long, crazy kind of cheer.
    Then they all stood up and started dancing around the room.
    There were people in the front row who couldn't see the screen.
    They jumped up and down and screamed until finally one of them went over and turned off the lights.
    While he was doing that, somebody asked me another question.
    "Why did you let us laugh?"
    I didn't want to answer, so I pretended to walk away.
    But then I heard the boy ask again.
    "Why did you let us laugh?"
    "Because I'm an idiot," I shouted back.

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