What’s happening guys, welcome to the sixth episode of CodeThat!? I think

So there’s been a lotta talk about text to image generation using machine learning…well I thought I would give it a crack and try to whip up a Python App that could do it.

And along comes Stable Diffusion, an open source SOTA model for text to image generation from Stability AI, well the rest is history. In this ep we focus on using the Stable Diff model through Hugging Face Diffusers and build up an app using Tkinter so that you can use it on your desktop with nothing more than a 4GB GPU.

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P.s. Let me know how you go and drop a comment if you need a hand!
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27 thoughts on “I tried to build a ML Text to …

  1. Hi! I found your video searching for a way to add a simple Login page to my Local Stable Diffusion PC.
    It's impossible to find something like this!
    Can you do some tip about it?
    Thanks. Sorry for my english.

  2. I am a lot confused with the virtual environment and global enviroments in pyhton, it is becoming so hard to import a specific verison of a module in a pyton project. Please make a video on working with virtual enviroments and how to keep them usefull everytime like you as a pro.

  3. Hey Nick, awesome tutorial! Do you know if it's possible to do this same thing using Intel CPUs? I've tried specifying 'cpu' as my device but am getting some errors.

  4. Hey Nicholas can you please post a video about using aws recognition for real time object detection and triggering a raspberry pi when certain objects are detected using aws lambda, I really would like to know if its even possible and if yes how it can be done.

  5. I've wanted to make a Stable Diffusion UI ever since the model became public, but didn't know where to start as I'm not used to Python, but now you've given me a great start! Thanks!

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