Introducing Elementor 3.8: Loop Builder and More!

These versions include the new, exciting and highly anticipated Loop Builder, as well as Flexbox Container advancements and more!
3.8 Improves your workflow and gives you more freedom over your layouts using the full power of Elementor.

Learn more about the features:

Also, join us Thursday November 10th at 11 AM Eastern Time to get an overview of it all, see some useful examples for your projects and get to ask your questions LIVE with us in the studio!
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41 thoughts on “Introducing Elementor 3.8: Loop Builder and More!

  1. There is no carousel for the loop builder
    no Woocommerce
    no equal height
    no alternative layout
    you are only able to select 1 post type

    The only thing you had to do is to copy what Jet Engine and Ele Custom Skin does.
    If you really worked on this over 1 year you should hire new developers

  2. I've never heard in the software world "It's now in Beta so it's fine to install on your live sites"!!!??? WTF?
    This looks like rushing to me. Competitors such as Breakdance and Bricks have all the features you're trying to deliver here but you're still behind with mega menu (read comments below) and reducing code bloat. Loop builder is basic at best and won't have better features until …. when?
    With you're budget and size of team/investment you need to be doing WAY better than this Elementor.

  3. Thank God you started listening to your customers' requests. Thank you very much. I hope you don't stay there but especially the pro version you have to continue to upgrade because you have fallen far behind from competitors page builders. We the PRO users that pay you we should have features through elementor and not go for simple things to install 3rd party plugins (like column link, same height columns, etc). We hope to hear us!

  4. DAMIT DAMIT, and I recently bought Ele Custom Skin loop builder. What a waste of money.
    You guys/girls at Elementor should really see if you can send or post on your website a list of "Coming features" or "What we are working on", so we as your clients don't waste money on feature that will be build into Elementor within the next few months
    By the way "Well done ELEMENTOR for bringing this features… you all STARS"

  5. I'm desperately trying to figure out if it's possible to create a category page with this? I've created a nice loop for my blog overview and would like to add this to my category/archive template. It shows all posts tho and in the query there is only the option to chose fixed categories, not dynamic ones. Or am I missing something?

  6. Wonder if one can set it to 1 post, then use nav arrows and dots to slide or fade to next post??… 
    This is sometimes referred to as a Post Slider. PLZ!

  7. Kindly resolve bugs from popup builder, almost every time there is an issue in popup css not loading properly and not loading popups properly designed in the responsive mode of frontend.

  8. Ok, but why? We can do this too with shortcut or template ?! I don’t understand the advantages of it. Btw. can you please make it possible to make users fonts locally (like Astra Pro did it).

  9. This is the feature I needed the most, thank you for bringing it! Using always the "Post" widget made lots of websites look similar in that section, now we can have more fun with listings 🙂

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