iOS 15 beta – 300+ Top Feature…

Hands-on with the iOS 15 beta top features and changes for iPhone!
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30 thoughts on “iOS 15 beta – 300+ Top Feature…

  1. Coming from Android…
    Don’t laugh. So far 7 minutes of features I’ve been using for years 😅
    What ? Reorganizing… pages is… ? New ?
    So we can fast type contacts in the phone app on iOS now ?
    (Yeah iOS is smooth but I lack that feature more than any other 😂)
    Oh no ? Next year maybe ? 🤷‍♂️
    Please Apple, T9 Phone app should be the very basic ^^

  2. CASES SLOW COOKING BATTERIES – Anyone care to cover this???????
    Science physics says yes. Phones are built and designed without cases.
    There is a reason. HEAT HEAT HEAT

  3. Good evening, 9 to 5 Mac, this information and video was highly informative and well explained, this gesture is greatly appreciated, thank you for making me feel motivated with my apple devices, this feels very nice 😊 😊 to me going forward, I am very much appreciated of this video….

    Now, today 6th February 2022, just finished watching your video, had to split it in to, three parts/four parts roughly but I am glad I watched it fully, as there is so much good information on the apple devices, and I like quite a few of the features, some which include, FaceTime with links so my family who have windows devices can talk to me, via computer some time, I am looking forward to trying this feature out soon with family. Lastly, thank you once again for the support with apple information and going through the ton of features that apple has, this is truly appreciated, thank you.

  4. Hello Jeff! I have lots of questions n don’t know were to start I have a 13 iPhone Pro Max I’m not sure about some of the apps that free for me to get I really have a lot of questions if u can please help me with them

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