iOS 16 is Out – What’s New? – …

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34 thoughts on “iOS 16 is Out – What’s New? – …

  1. Used to be subbed here because of too much Apple coverage.
    Came to see how things are now a few years later… exactly what I thought.
    Its gottel way worse.
    I think your last 16 videos are Apple related. Then one Android video, and another 15 + straight.
    Aaron, you need to change your channel to ISHEEP Tech

  2. Bomb video, I liked a lot if I also do a lot of streams, and gives a lot of collaborative information on the subject, glad to have one cannon like you in the field!

  3. Did anyone notice Aaron changing his tone in the usual “Hi everyone Aaron here for zollotech” opening ever since the launch of iOS 16?

  4. Question: on your Home Screen the icon for the Weather app is larger than the other icons, How did you do that? I have the iPhone 14 plus iOS 16.

  5. Hello Arron. I hope all is well. I wanted to ask you a question and I would like an honest answer. If you didn’t have none of these phones. Which one would you get. I’m torn between the 14 pro max and the Pixel 7 pro. I really need the 512 storage option since I’m a DJ and I need the space storage to upload my music files. I was looking more towards the 7 Pro because the 512 storage option is $400.00 dollars cheaper. Enjoy the rest of your weekend😉👍🏽💯

  6. iOS 16 is trash. They've given us the same old shit but with the slightest twist that really wouldn't even matter. I'm about done with apple. Samsung, I'm coming back!

  7. 16 looks like a giant unnecessarily complicated pain in the ass! Nobody wants to have to learn a whole new more complicated way of accessing the most basic features! Fuck Apple!

  8. Can you Help me please about the bug I’m having in Call OF duty I Sid everything the factory reset and reinstall call OF duty I have a problem in STUCK and Freezing even I have good internet shoulder I update to IOS 15.7 or 16 for gaming?

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