Is This The Best Free Wirefram…

Looking to create a digital wireframe and collaborate with colleagues? We’ve got you covered! In this video we’ll show you how to use @Miro and its powerful free templates to create stunning digital wireframes!

In this video, Maureen gives you an introduction to this fantastic free tool, and every UX / UI designer’s new best friend… Miro! Maureen will share how to build a digital wireframe using an array of free templates, icons and resources, which you can then share with your peers and colleagues!

Maureen Herben is a professional UX / Product designer based in Berlin, and a CareerFoundry UX design graduate.

Start wireframing in Miro today! You can access and / or download Miro for free here:

Check out the Miroverse too, for UX related board templates, and content:

Video timestamps:

00:00 – Building a wireframe in Miro
00:40 – What is Miro?
01:36 – How to sign up for Miro
02:04 – Miro – A quick tour
03:30 – An overview of Miro’s interface
05:33 – How to build a wireframe in Miro
13:43 -Team collaboration in Miro
15:50 – What is the Miroverse?
17:13 – Roundup and outro

Thanks for watching! Do you want to see more Miro tutorials? Let us know in the comments!

Interested in starting out in UX design? Check out our free UX short course to get a flavor of the industry:

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9 thoughts on “Is This The Best Free Wirefram…

  1. Hey! Following along with the video? Want to wireframe in Miro too? Access Miro (and the templates featured) in your browser for free, here:

    Check out the Miroverse resource for hundreds of incredible UX / UI related templates:

    And if you're interested in getting started in UX design, we recommend you check out our full 7-step guide, also hosted by Maureen, here:

    Do you want to see more Miro tutorials? Let us know what you'd like to learn in the comments 👇

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