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23 thoughts on “Jan. 6 committee holds a public hearing …

  1. all judges, prosecutors, politicians involved with prosecuting American citizens for January 6th should immediately be removed from their offices, charged and prosecuted.

    Constitution of the united states of America, supreme law of the land.

    Article 4 section 4.
    Article 4 section 2 paragraph 1.
    1st amendment.
    2nd amendment.
    10th amendment.
    14th amendment section 1.

    Legal law
    Title 5 U.S.C. section 7311.
    Title 18 U.S.C. section 1918.
    Title 18 U.S.C. section 241.
    Title 18 U.S.C. section 242.

    U.C.C. 1-308 all rights reserved with extreme prejudice, Freedom of speech.

  2. If these hooligans had done this in the Singapore Parliament they would have been whipped raw with a six foot long cane (rattan) on their bare asses. This would have slashed the skin and made gaping holes in their buttock flesh, which would doubtless become necrotic. This is a punishment which would never have been forgotten.

  3. I wish we had transparency . when ever you're feed a narrative. Not saying the people are lack decernment. Trump follower are non violent. Those are implants . those movie rope barriers. That the rioters followed . lol trumpet stayed outside. Also peaceful protest means the government be peaceful. Shooting someone over materiall thing is lack of empathy. the people follow and protect the constitution. Peaceful protest. .isnt for us its for them . . the enemy attack s are constitution with guile . pretending are is theirs. The law of this land say arms are legal. Remove the ones against the constitution its tHat simple

  4. A former military civilian was murdered from a capital police officer.
    Federal agents were present undercover notably – Ray Apps also manipulating people to enter the capital on January the 6th.
    No Capital police officers were killed on January the 6th. Constructed lies from the media.

    These are the things that people will remember.
    This is the reason why American citizens have decided it is time to arm themselves against such a malicious Administration.
    Your tactics and agenda is clear regarding January 6th with all your news manipulation like this.

    Yes. you have a right to fear people willing to stand up and defend themselves. Your fear is justified.

  5. It is a kangaroo court. Fake attorneys, bogus ideologies of left leaning liberals. Once again making a joke out of our judicial system, our constitution, our country and the American people. What the pathetic Jan 6th committee is bottom line is a bunch of whining children who don't care who they hurt or what condition their actions and behaviors do to this country or people as long as they get their petty childish revenge against Donald Trump. And a very good point is they're trying to charge Donald Trump with insurrection not one of the people that they prosecuted that they collected concerning the January 6th incident was prosecuted for insurrection not 1 of them that should tell the American people right there what is sham committee this is they are petty Vengeful spiteful little children that don't know how to play well in the real world.

  6. A Soviet style Polituburo 212 Million Dollar sham trial! A disgrace to the American people because no defense was allowed just one sided accusations from corrupt Demorats and Rinos!

  7. "There is no scenario where that action is benign and there is no scenario where an American president should have engaged in that conduct… this cannot be justified on any basis for any reason." Justice NOW! Indict!

  8. No real President has ever corruptly tried to do something like this! Prosecute his a$$! Why does the matstermind always get away with the high crimes, while the regular sap serves the time? Subpoena???!!!? Arrest the corrupt sob!!

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