Klaviyo x Photoshop Email Desi…

In this video I recreate a successful klaviyo Valentines Day campaign for my ecommerce brand.

I use photoshop to edit the main body of the email, and klaviyo to piece everything together. Klaviyo is integrated through our shopify store to send this email to our entire list approaching the valentines day holiday.

If you would like to see any specific videos on content creation, email designs, etc lmk in the comments

👉 Download the template in our discord:
🤓 My ig:
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I really hope you took some value out of this video and if u did make sure to share it with any friends that might find it helpful 🤙

Until next time! Thanks for watching!

DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.


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4 thoughts on “Klaviyo x Photoshop Email Desi…

  1. dope video man, thank you for this.

    id appreciate a video where you go into your klaviyo and just show us some designs you've done and flows and some general info about the stats you're looking for to see how well something is preforming (like open rate you mentioned for example)

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