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    00:00 – Launch Your Digital Product
    00:28 – 3 Steps to Launching
    00:46 – The Problems with Creators…
    01:28 – Find a Community
    02:02 – Are you money-hungry?
    02:44 – Talk with Your Community
    03:15 – Best Conversation Starter…
    03:45 – Launch Your Digital Product
    04:18 – Build in Public
    04:57 – This Process Gets Easier
    05:24 – Let's Review

  2. I have a good product but I have so the problem with Facebook ads not everyday profitable day with 3 sales and day 1 sell i use CBO campaign with 15 dollar daily budget !!!!!

  3. Shotout from Maryland! Go Nats! Question can samcart integrate with Amazon? So that if someone purchase via samcart Amazon will capture the purchase, bill, and ship it out. Thx!

  4. So…I was geared up for my launch after months of work on my new book. Used a printing company you guys recommended in an earlier video (the baseball book video) And I waited 7 weeks for my book to arrive from OS and then it was the wrong product- they shipped the wrong product! I was eat to launch early December and now my launch is ruined and I won’t have product until next year. Oh and I had another product, same deal, wrong planner uploaded.
    I do have the ebook version but that’s separate to the paperback.
    What a lesson. Crushed.

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