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Hi everyone! In this video, I walk you through how to setup your macbook for development! I hope this is helpful, let me know what tools you love to use that I should be using!!

✨ l i n k s ✨
My standing desk:
Apple charging stand for phone, watch, and airpods:
Laptop Stand:
my keyboard:
my mouse:
my mouse pad:
my wrist guard:
my monitor:

✨ b e m y p a l ✨
go look at my pretty pictures on unsplash:

✨ a b o u t m e ✨
hi everyone! I’m Marsela! I’m a 20-something based in Los Angeles, California ☀️ I make all sorts of videos, mainly related to being a software engineer. I’m super new to all of this, and appreciate your support, so thank you so much for watching 🤍

✨ t i m e s t a m p s ✨
00:00 ☕️coffee chat
01:28 macbook settings
02:18 xcode & chrome
02:47 terminal setup
07:12 vscode
08:15 github auth
08:54 insomnia
09:10 outro

✨ c o n t a c t m e ✨
for business inquires only:

✨ v i d e o t o p i c s ✨
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43 thoughts on “macbook dev setup // customize…

  1. This is a very interesting video because I have yet to see any video on the m1 air anything like this and yet I benefit from this so much. Thanks!

  2. Love this! I am 1 trimester into a CS degree and am slowly moving from remote accessing our university CSE servers/desktops to using my own mac. This is superrrr useful! Thank you!

  3. Thank you very helpful – love the tip about making the folders and files on the desktop invisible…thanks

  4. vs code has a item theme sync extension that plugs your vscode theme into item as the theme easy way to customize item without downloading a bunch of different themes

  5. Thank you for sharing this, its the customizations that allow people to get comfortable. Too little time is spent helping people setup the environment. Thumbs up.

  6. One tip for everyone is that if you use BREW you can create a brew bundle. I created my bundle (brew bundle dump) with iTerm, VS Code, etc. etc. and on a new mac you install BREW and then you just git clone your Brew Bundle and then run "brew bundle install" and it will just install all of your apps.

  7. There’s something intriguing about being a software engineer and being a smart, young lady at that. I wish I were smart enough to understand everything. When my boyfriend who’s a web dev talks about his work I feel stupid but I don’t say anything. Your vlogs are so inspiring and comforting in some way.

  8. Thank you very well organized, I needed to set up one of my macs and you saved me lots of time and brainpower, also I actually like this set up better than my other machines😊

  9. I would like to hook M1 Max Pro with ->
    49" Odyssey Neo G9DQHD Quantum Mini-Led Monitor.
    Will it work?.

  10. Nice setup? Can I do web development and coding with the first m1 processor? 13” MacBook Pro 💻 16gb 512gb ssd. Is that sufficient?

  11. The is a terminal command to speed up dock displaying when you hover a mouse 🐁 I don’t remember it lol but when I used to work on a Mac that was very useful
    P.S you are very beautiful 🤩 wish you good luck with your channel and projects, peace ✌️

  12. How do you use Visual Studio in this MacBook? 🙁 Do you need a windows virtual machine?

  13. How do you handle with weird icon,font in vscode after customizing terminal to powerlevel10k like in your video?

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