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Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification module allows the admin to offer the functionality to get notified through WhatsApp.

The customer will receive a message for the order confirmation and order status update on their WhatsApp number.

Now the store owners can add the most prominent messaging service to their store with the help of this module.


. The store admin must have a developer’s Meta (Facebook) account to use this add-on.
. There are only a few free messages available per month for WhatsApp order notification i.e 1000 per month and above this, there is an additional cost. You may check the costing on WhatsApp Business Cloud API Page.

. The customers will receive a notification for their order confirmation.
. The shoppers will also get notified of the order status updates like; cancel, hold, pending and complete, etc.
. The admin has to enter the phone number ID and token to configure the module.
. The token and phone number ID will generate through the Meta developers account.

For more information, check the links mentioned below –

1. Store Link – [ ].
2. User Guide – [ ].

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