Motion Array vs Envato Elements – Which …

Envato Elements:
Motion Array:

If you are set on Elements, you can get 70% off your first month with my link:

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Both Envato Elements and Motion Array are all-in-one marketplaces where creatives can buy unlimited assets: stock video, photos, templates, music, and more. After watching the video, which one is your preferred marketplace? Comment below and let me know!
0:00 Why Motion Array & Envato?
0:55 The Similarities
2:10 Differences
5:55 Search-ability
7:05 Usability
7:40 Conclusions
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40 thoughts on “Motion Array vs Envato Elements – Which …

  1. So question, why would you want to continue a year sub, if you take a month and grab all the stuff you really need and can use it forever?? Kinda makes sense as different projects come just to pop in for a month and grab it then….. eventually you will have all you need…. with the exceptions of video clips and music.

  2. I'm just starting out and I'm also a full-stack developer. I like what motion array has to offer as far as tools but elements gives me more to work with as far as content creation and web development all in one but I still would like to try out Motion Array when it gets larger and my video production skills get better.

  3. I've been subscribed to both platform in the past. Same repetitive templates, nothing new. None of them in my experience are worth it. Haven't found something really exciting, like good mock ups for your promotions, things like Priceline, or go daddy 3d or holographic box text. You won't find anything like that in both.

  4. You say Envato has MORE during your search…but how ACCURATE was the search? I tried Envato and searched for camera and I got a TON of results not even related to camera! Plus every time I downloaded something I have to tell them how I was going to use it BEFORE I was going to use it!!! It was such a pain in the ass!!! Sorry but I won’t go back to Envato because of that alone!!!

  5. A new stop by from a quick G-search on the matter & I must echo the other users who appreciate your thoroughness of detail – Thank You so much for this – EXCELLENT succinct synopsis!

  6. First-time I'm coming across your channel. Must say you are so precise on info delivery as well as collected. Visuals and audio on check, and beauty + brains. You saving my brain from the decision hustle. Thanks gal.
    Love also how you are interacting with your community in the section. It's a SUB!

  7. I signed up forone month of Envato Elements like 4 years ago and they gave me an offer for $168/yr. I've been paying that ever since.

    Also, I use their fonts all the time. Their font discovery is great. I could go out to dafont or something, but Envato has killer font options.

  8. I've got a monthly subscription with #TeamEnvato (which I really need to switch to an annual one) primarily because of the graphics elements included in their library. However, I do have the free account with MA as they do have some interesting assets available for free.

  9. As a graphic designer I already have a subscription with a stock library for photos and vectors which has put me off taking out a further subscription for video and music. However, if I could combine all of my needs within a single Envato subscription, then Ker-ching!!!!

  10. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for comparing them! Some of my friends are confused between these two options, and I think your video will help them a lot. I really appreciate you comparing the top features of each option and sharing your honest thoughts about both options. I am sure it will be a great watch for many people. I loved it, and I will definitely share it within my network. Hope to see more of your exciting videos in the future.

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