My 7-figure blogging toolkit…..

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In this video, I cover the perfect WordPress tech stack for new bloggers and all of the plugins and tools you need to run a 6 or 7-figure blog.

0:00 Intro
2:59 Web Hosting
3:52 Your Theme
5:26 Tool #1
6:38 Tool #2
7:33 Tool #3
8:54 Tool #4
9:35 Tool #5
11:11 Tool #6
12:22 Tool #7
13:53 Total Cost & Extras
17:35 Ongoing Tools
20:37 Final Thoughts

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PS: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that I get a kickback from if you decide to purchase a paid plan. 😜


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43 thoughts on “My 7-figure blogging toolkit…..

  1. I just added the Easy Table of Contents plugin and all I can say is WOW! What a handy plugin for my fledgling blog. 😀

  2. Hi Adam! Thank you for sharing such great content! I enjoyed this video and as I think about blogging and how I can monetize it plus support and market my product based business, I wanted to get your thoughts on best Shopify Blogging Apps. I have done some research and while I know the Shopify Blog is not WordPress, Shopify has several blogging apps in their ecosystem. Any thoughts on how to leverage a Shopify Blog/Apps to scale? Is this something you teach in your course? Thanks again!

  3. I just left WPX because I didn't like the 94% uptime. Down multiple times a day. And that was on a simple stack that works everywhere. Support were responsive and friendly, but utterly useless.

  4. Awesome video. I love all your content. Thank you. Just thought I’d mention… Thirsty Affiliates is still available for free, with a Pro version of course

  5. i just sub, i liked your structured info.
    and if i can make at least 5 to 10 k per month, bro im set.

  6. Great content Adam.. I saw that your site is loosing keywords and traffic (through ahrefs tool) I saw this same with other big sites too…Is there any google update rollin out or what. Few words on this will be appreciated.

  7. thanks alot for the explanation, why i should use VPN to get access to your website from asia?

  8. There's been a recent Google Update.. That has caused a lot of sites to lose a lot of keywords.. This includes your site and my site too… Anything to say about that?

  9. Amazing content as usual ☺️👍 a question here: what do think of thrive theme, astra theme… Which would you recommend ? Or would it be kadence still ?

  10. You're way more above than the other bloggers in affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing this video regarding tools and plugins.

  11. I like how you frame it as a business owner at the end. Another great video, Adam. 👍

  12. hello, Adam great video, I have a question can you do an updated video of the best blog niche to write about regardless of the year? which niche do you think is over-saturated? do you do blog reviews for feedback?

  13. What a great and helpful video! Setting up a blog soon for my channel and streaming service and this video was very timely. Thanks!

  14. You're indeed a genius when it comes to blogging. Thanks very much for sharing this toolkit with us. Keep up with the good work.

  15. Adam!

    You’re the one I need man!

    I’ve checked this video and thank god you are talking about images. I yesterday found out dat my 250 blog website is filled completely with PNG images.

    Each blog has at least 2/3 images…

    Many are at least 12500 Kb and some even in MB’s.

    I want to use this week to optimize my full website images which means maybe 1500 images.

    But still, some articles rank really well in top 3.

    How important is this and is it worth the improvement?

  16. Hey Adam, great content as usual. Quick question please… talk about Kadence as your theme and then Gutenberg or Kadence blocks as your post/page builder but how would you compare those builders to Elementor and would you use that instead of them or not at all and just rely on Kadence or Gutenberg blocks? Thanks!

  17. Good content, good audio, Adam is on the forefront of blogging technology and advice.

    Thanks man. Still wish you’d explain your Gutenberg blocks better. I.e. how you get that circle score in the review post…

  18. Really helpful video. I have some of these tools but not fully optimizing their usage. Great content.

  19. Thanks Adam – excellent advice as always! What’s your opinion on Astra as a theme vs Kadence? Also, do you think the Lasso plugin for displaying affiliate products is worth the cost?

  20. Haven't watched it yet but you released it just on time as I was about to start my journey on blogging

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