My Complete Notion Setup 2021 …

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My Weekly Planner template:

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🔖c h a p t e r s 🔖
00:00 – Intro
2:15 – My Calendar
3:58 – My Weekly Planner
6:01 – My Notes
6:31 – Video Planning Setup
8:31 – My Business Hub
9:21 – Other ways I use Notion
9:55 – My Favorite Features on Notion!
10:17 – Tables and Databases 💖
14:03 – Templates 💖
17:21 – Collaboration 💖
19:33 – Formatting Capabilities 💖
21:41 – Hotkeys 💖
23:27 – Outtro

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48 thoughts on “My Complete Notion Setup 2021 …

  1. Wow. I've watched 20 Notion videos. Even bought the Ultimate Brain. But I think I learned the most from yours. Well done. Hope you have massive success.

  2. Hi Mayiko, wanted to ask you if there's a way to have a calendar with a weekly planner for each week without having to duplicate the page every time?

  3. HOLY SHNIKES!!! Phenomenal content. Thank you so much for sharing this. And I love your glasses, btw! Can you share more info on those as a bonus for watching the whole video and subbing? 😇

  4. Hey, amazing!!!! Just become a member…. your content is great! Mayuku, i´ve downloaded the Week Planner Template, but i couldn´t find the Content Planner you are showing at this video. Is this also available? Thanks

  5. Hi @mayuko! New subscriber here. Loved this video. Thanks for making the template available. Wanted to ask you if there's a way to have a calendar with a weekly planner for each week without having to duplicate the page every time?

  6. Hello Mayuko!
    Thank you for this great video on Notion. You explain it really well and I have really become a fan of Notion – thank you so so much!

  7. wow I loved your energy. I have had notions downloaded on all my devices but have been overwhelmed in where and how to even start! lol and really wondering how it compares to Goodnotes 5 where I have been making all my notes for about a year and half… so its scary to try and change….Your video has excited me to give it a try and just play with the templates. I loved how much information you shared on the capabilities of Notion, thank you so much and continue sharing…. we all learn so much from people like you. Thank you

  8. talk about your dashboard 2022, and later can you send your template please ? when the finished planning, you archived?

  9. Still looking for some one to explain how to do it who doesn't already 'know how to do it' Know what I mean ?

  10. fun drinking game … take a shot everytime she says the word "like" and reply to this comment with like how long you like made it … like into the video before like you like … died of alcohol poisoning.

  11. Before using Notions You should prob need to read The Privacy Terms, they're basically collect every data and use them as they need/want and some point even say that "They may use your personal information for other purposes that are clearly disclosed to you".. So no privacy there at all..

  12. AMAZING! You have a gift! Great walk through and inspiration… I have Notion, and every time I open it, I stare at it and then close it cause I don't know where to begin… I now feel like I can just go get started! Thank you!

  13. You mentioned your assistant create the calendar and database for you. where you find her and how much does she charge?

  14. This weekly planner makes zero sense to me. Do we duplicate it after the week is over or do we delete it?

  15. This is awesome! When I click the link in the for the template, a weekly planner pops up. Is this correct?
    I’m not familiar with Notion yet.

  16. Can I hire your assistant to make me the content calendar and master lists? Looks so helpful!!

  17. So I was excited about hearing about this girls “Complete Notion Setup”. Then when she became self promoting like that was a natural thing to do I started wondering about why she thinks she’ so important. THEN when she said her assistant created the calendar page I threw up in my mouth. Hell no, you have nothing to show me girl. Including your massive number of videos, videos, videos. Who cares. Go sell overly entitled somewhere else.

  18. I just found out about Notion from a co-worker last week and I was intrigued. Now that I've watched your video I am in LOVE with Notion. You did an excellent job showing all the features!!! Can't wait to dive in.

  19. Used Notion as personal task management tool one time and stopped, perhaps too overwhelmed by it. Anyone here thinks tick tick is better?

  20. Great video! I’m such a dunce. I tried to scroll down your calendar to see below the fold. Yeah, I said it.

  21. I finally decided to try Notion after hearing about it so much, and now I understand why. It's helping me get organized at work and be more productive. Once I got past the learning curve I absolutely love it.

  22. Loving notion now, customising is fun but taxing. Is there any ways that I can import data over instead of re-doing everything again? Oh, by the way, I saw that you changed your monitor to a curved ultra-wide model, so wanna ask you about the new monitor, the experience of using a curved model, is it that good? I am a click away to get my new ultra wide monitor, but torn between a flat model or a curved model. Do you think you can give some comments on the experience of using one? Thanks. 🙂

  23. I thought I was using Notion until I watched your video. Notion is WAY more powerful than I ever imagined, and I'm pretty much in love! Thank you for going into such detail in this video!

    I can't wait for you to create an updated video to show what new features you've learned and used.

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