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46 thoughts on “My vegetable sowing Calendar 2023

  1. Hello Charles and thank you for all you do for us! I bought the digital copy out here in Oregon zone 8b along with your new book! I am a bit confused as to why there are so many different dates with the same things listed on them. Is that because of succession plantings or is that because there is a wider range of start date options in the Spring? I am trying to plan out my seed starting schedule off of this and am a bit confused… Any help is appreciated and again, thank you so much for inspiring this first generation gardener to take the plunge into No Dig from bare clay dirt! Looking forward to seeing the magic happen.

  2. I've just received my two. I've been buying the calendar for a few years now. As a no dig devotee I would not be without it. One for my Dad for his December Birthday and one for the allotment shed. 👍👍

  3. A slight problem…I live in Oregon, USA. I did get you book, and love it< but had to go through Amazon. I would like to get your calendar (I'm zone 8 temperate, oceanic influences, although after the past 2 summers you would not know it.) Any chance of the calendar going online, possibly downloadable into Outlook? I would pay! Just not the shipping charges from Summerset to Salem Oregon. Thanks again Charles, now back to the book. Mark

  4. Hi Charles, I was wondering if you include "adjustments" or calculations to sowing and planting dates, to help with whatever "zone" you live in. I'm in Co.Antrim Northern Ireland, which I think is in zone 8 or 9. Thanks

  5. Put the Calender on my Christmas wish list.

    And what I have learned in the last three years is, that its becoming impossible to garden without greenhouses/hightunnels (or at least tiny versions of it) and other cold/frost protection covers.
    In the Southwest of Germany the season changes became so extrem that its now normal to not only have the risk of frost until the end of May/beginning of June, but also 30+ Celsius from the beginning of May. And the other way around in August/September.

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