MyListing Directory WordPress …

MyListing Directory WordPress …
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  1. Hi Web Squadron,

    I really need your help if you could.

    I just got craze to build classified/directory website. And ended up buying mylisting theme after watching your videos.

    First of all I am not techy guy. Just watching videos and implementing those tips on my website.

    I am following you in your Elementor videos too.

    I am stuck at one point. As you know mylisting theme single page template do not support side bar.

    So I decided to show single listing page into any Elementor template which again they do not support elementor edit for single listing template.

    I noticed, on detail page of any listing type, there is option to write custom Block Id.

    So can we put some unique id and then go into elementor page builder and can print that somewhere over there. Like a shortcode or something.

    I try using short code [27-block id=""] and [27-block-id id=""] and nothing came out.

    I am sorry for killing your time in very long question.

    I hope you could find a way.

    Thank you

  2. I am just starting to learn about MyListing and Elementor and I am so glad I found you! Thanks for creating chapters to make it easy to find what you talked about as I know I will have to revisit once I actually start working on the site.

  3. I am building a site with Hello and Elementor, I was going to build a directory using Crocoblocks but I've just seen your videos on MyListing and it looks like it can do the job quicker and easier. If I want to keep using Hello & Elementor for the main part of the site, do I need to install MyListing as a subdomain?

  4. Another excellent tutorial, thank you! Building out my directory currently and running into small roadblocks, then pushing through it. Resources you have suggested: Documentation (agreed, it's awesome!) Facebook Group… Haven't used it much but will likely start today. What other resources would you recommend to get around basic challenges, hiccups for MyListings?

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