Naeun, Don't do that! Jinw…

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48 thoughts on “Naeun, Don't do that! Jinw…

  1. 이쁜 아가들 많이 보고싶다 슈돌 매주보면 좋겠다 사랑스러운 아가들😀💗😃😄💓😁💗😆😅💓🤣💗😂🙂💗😊💓

  2. Gunho is such adorable baby he is gonna be super handsome
    and naeun is such a good girl that sometimes i forget that she is only 7, 8 years
    and Jinwoo is really adorable and mischievous

  3. สามพี่น้อง สวย หล่อ น่ารักกันทุกคน คนดูคริปดูแล้วก็ยิ้มไป เด็กอะไร น่ารัก มาก ดูตั้งแต่ เป็นทารก จนทุกวันนี้ยะงสร้างสรรค์​ความสุขให้คนดู ชอบครอบครัวนี้มาก

  4. 건우가 너무 착하니까 진우가 형한테 너무 함부로 하는듯 엄마아빠가 건우의 존재를 진우힌테 강하게어필하셔야는데
    늘 보면 건우가중간에 끼어 약간 위츽모드

  5. I remember when Gunhoo and Naeun hit each other back in the episode with Uncle Kwanghee. Gunhoo is really a good brother to Jinwoo. He didn't even hit Jinwoo back. Good boy, Gunhoo yaa🤗💞

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