[NEW] Elementor Wireframe Template Kits – FIRST

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In a relatively low key release, Elementor has added in some much needed and well thought out new wireframe Template Kits to help you get started with future designs.

Grouped together into the various component pieces, there are currently 10 designs to choose from, all with varying amounts of core files and templates.

Join me as I take a first look at this new addition and give my feedback and thoughts.


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24 thoughts on “[NEW] Elementor Wireframe Template Kits – FIRST

  1. It would be useful if the wire frames could be made to look hand drawn. A customer may think you are showing a finished or near finished product, and think you are just dragging your feet and not just handing over a completed project.

  2. @WPTuts Thanks for the great video, it's very informative.
    I have 3 Questions:
    1. Do wireframes offer you a better SEO experience over a template?
    2. Do you think we can expect more wireframes from Elementor in the (hopefully near) future?
    3. Will the Astra wireframe blocks work with the Elementor wireframe kits?

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial 💙. Can you apply a site kit for one page when they are existing pages in the site? Or are the wireframe site kits meant for empty sites?

  4. Hi Paul! I always appreciate your video and tutorials – clear, positive and most helpful every time. Just to be clear, this is not something to 'apply' when you already have an operational website, right? So not possible to copy/paste a particular layout or section and copy it over to your existing pages, correct?

  5. @WPTuts maybe I have a different view than the previous comments about how "wonder"ful this is. I understand the concept of "wireframes" and the usefulness, what I don't get is why the devs of Elementor even waste their time on this? Like how did this get on the "priority" list over the long list of things that developers using Elementor have been asking for for some yearS now?

    I mean seriously, how hard or time consuming is it for even an advid user of Elementor to create a 2 or 3 column section.. add an image in one column, a button in one and some plain heading and paragraph text in another. Duplicate that section and remove one image.. duplicate that section and delete the image and add a button.. now call this a page. One doesn't even have to save their work while doing this!
    Like I said, I get the usefulness of wireframes and what you can do with them.. but why in Elementor? And you want to present what exactly to your clients.. something looking this basic and elementary? Personally, I would be ashamed to show a client any kind of wireframe layouts to a client via this method! Especially when there is Adobe XD (and others, even FREE ones).

    And I do understand Elementor is meant to be a tool for novice designers / developers as well as seasoned vets.. but c'mon.. If you need to be this basic or your level of designing / developing is at this stage.. you shouldn't even be using Elementor.. try something like Wix. IMO, this leads to more ugly and poorly build websites (and I use that word loosely) on the internet.
    IMO, this is Elementor once again trying to be a DO-ALL tool vs a progressively moving forward tool (see the addition of Lotties!). Instead of introducing new functionality or grasping at features that one should be using something else for.. why not move forward progressively like ummmmm building more integrations with other MAJOR players in the WordPress plugin eco-system and add more value and power to an already powerful tool by fully integrating with other high value and powerful plugins?

    Go to WP.org and checkout the majority of questions! What you see is "How do I get XYZ plugin to work with Elementor".. "Why do I have this conflict between XYZ plugin and Elementor".. I haven't seen a single person asking "Can we get basic wireframe layouts?"

  6. That's a great addition, but since they are elementor templates, why not design straight away? It literally takes the same amount of time(almost)!

    It will be worth it more when they add a ton of templates to choose from! Good addition to Elementor nonetheless.

  7. Paul, as usual you always find the gems and then knock it out of the park before anyone else, and we thank you for that! Two other things this would be extremely useful for. 1) To build a placeholder component library just the individual placeholder components, and by name. That way if you want to do quick lightweight wireframe options for a client, it would not take much time. 2) You could also use the components for creating style libraries. To some I know that might seem like a waste of time, but to build a personal library of your own making for quick recall…AWESOME!!

  8. Thank again Paul! Aside from the added media and graphics in pre made templates and themes, I really don't see any benefit or difference with the wireframes? You can easily make changes to the pre-made templates as well.

  9. Now this has been a loooooong time coming!!! It's finally here… I've been asking for this feature for ages. This will definitely be a time saver. Thank you! It's a good start, I hope they'll update it with more templates… They should introduce a grid as well

  10. Thanks for the swift insight Paul. Looks like Elementor have spent a bit of time considering the user for a change. Hopefully this simplified approach can help address some performance issues as well

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