Learn how to add automated text generation to your no-code/low-code apps, without writing any code, and without a GPT-3 license! We use Eleuther.ai’s GPT-Neo-2.7B (2.7 billion parameters) model, an open-source generative language model inspired by Open AI’s GPT-3 architecture. We access GPT-Neo via HuggingFace’s Accelerated Inference API, and we build the front-end in Bubble.io. You can get started with all of these tools for free!

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Tools used in the tutorial:
Eleuther GPT-NEO-2.7B –
HuggingFace Accelerated Inference API –
Bubble –

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6 thoughts on “No-Code NLP – Automated text g…

  1. Best video covering this. Still waiting for a service/platform that handles the ugly database and API stuff. Who *knew, having beta access who be so useless for laymen like me lol

  2. I absolutely loved this video thank you for making it !! I have already shared your channel to a lot of my colleagues

    I have a quick questions is it possible to create an Ai chatbot where there is a two way communication with both text and voice using gpt-Neo/gpt-6j that can resemble Elon musk if I was to fine tune model and I have a 3D render how could everything be incorporated together and can it all be brought together to make something functional on bubble.io?

  3. This was a very informative video. Thanks for making this. I have a question – can we train the model further for a particular use case – like writing an email or a Facebook ad copy – within this bubble app you created?

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