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• Your site page contain a number of images which making it difficult to load? use this extension to load the page faster and load images on scroll to the image area.

• Lazyload All Products Images.
• Viewing area will load first and then load after scroll step by step
• Increases page loading speed.
• First Load Website Contents and Then after Load images
• 60-70% page loading time is Based on images, So, Image Lazyload is the perfect way to boost your website performance.
• We provide options to set extension to specific page or full websites.
• Supported version: 2.x, 2.3.x, 3.x
• Support Ocmod +Vqmod
• Free Installation support for any theme
• No Hidden or Extra cost
• Supported theme:
• Extension will be valid only one website.

• 1. Download Extension according your openCart version
• 2. Admin – Extensions – Extension Installer – Choose “” file
• 3. Admin – Extensions – Modification – Click On Clear then again click on Refresh Button On Top Right Corner

• Skype : solimanbd4321

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