Hello, this tutorial has been updated and is no longer relevant. New tutorial here:

These tutorials take a-lot time and energy so if you find them useful, please help keep me awake and caffeinated so I can be a more productive person 🙂

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15 thoughts on “**OUTDATED VIEW NEW TUTORIAL**…

  1. I am looking to create the account page or track my order page to unlock full capabilities of Shopify. I don't find the documentation on this matter. I hope that you can create a tutorial on this, otherwise I don't have a choice to code it. Thank you for your videos!

  2. Great video, when 3.0 is out of beta, will there not be a need to fix errors by going into the code. My impression is that’s a bug. Those extra steps make me want to wait.

  3. Thanks fella good to see the process… Q: what happens when it's built and published and the client requests a design change within a section? Shopify is limiting. can I then export a new section (from Webflow), to place within the shopfiy theme

  4. Thanks a lot for publishing that tutorial. The "create symbol" was the last piece I was missing. 🙏 However, I am still struggling with getting dynamic text on the product detail page. There, I can only create a symbol from some parts and not for the wrapping section and this does not work. Do you have any tipps on what to do here?

  5. Thanks for the video great content😊…
    Can u make an video regarding udesly pricing plans….
    I can't understand should i go with premium plan or free plan…..
    It will be helpful if you share your views on it…..

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