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34 thoughts on “OUTHOOKS THE PROTON PHYSIX?? |…

  1. You can definitely see the infinite is smooth breaks earlier than the reality. But I still love my proton, just bought another one’
    Figured this super Nova will take the protons place when it hits Stateside. Tournaments sport or longer I love my proton then I use my Reality.
    Always look forward to your videos..Pin up looked awesome on infinity

  2. I bought a Proton PhysiX 2 weeks ago based on Storm's Matchmaker tool (after determining my revs, PAP, axis tilt, etc.) and have only used it maybe 6 games so far. It hooks more than my early 90's Power Torq which is pretty beat up, but I was expecting a lot more out of it honestly. I wish I knew the oil pattern that was on the lanes today, but I was bowling far to the right, throwing over the 2nd arrow, and my Proton was barely making it to the pocket. I had my Proton drilled with a 4 x 4 x 1 layout per Storm's layout sheet which I chose because the house I've been bowling at recently oils their lanes pretty heavily. Again, it's certainly hooking better than my old Power Torq, but I'm bummed that I'm not experiencing more hook on heavy oil. Any thoughts?

  3. My strongest ball right now is still a gravity evolve lol honestly I could pick up a proton or infinite as a 1 ball n the evolve could be a ball down from one of those I’m just not sure which to pick

  4. Dang, I bought a Reality a couple of weeks ago, but would've purchased the Infinite Physix after watching this video. That said, the Reality does really well with my speed dominant approach, better than the Gem did.

  5. I'm hesitant to get it, hearing it's a bit stronger than the proton. My proton is a bit too much ball for my house, even on fresh. Was gonna replace my halo pearl with the infinite physics. Any suggestions on which ball I should go with if it's too much ball?

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