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  1. This was great, I really enjoyed it. I was going to start a similar organization a while ago (and still might if I have time) because I think it's important information and skills to know and practice. One thing I think should also be addressed though, just like the "if you can, just run away" advice is verbal de-escalation. This is really such an important skill to have on a "bad day" (as the MA folks like to call it). I've had some violent encounters with people and most were solved by parkour or "verbal judo" when I couldn't run. Some have also been solved by having some tactical driving skills. I think Brandee touched on this too but learning trauma first aid is also suuuuper important. Brandee, maybe we should chat!

  2. I really enjoyed this talk. It resonated with me a lot. As I have been training in martial arts for almost 20 years, I am very aware that the applicability of what I do in self-defense is very limited. I like the message that there is no level of training that makes you invulnerable but you can still train to become better at solving problems.
    Lee Morrison, Rory Miller and Steve Morris are names that I had encountered before. The work of Steve Morris makes complete sense to me in the spirit of self defense. But in the same time, I am very reluctant to train myself to become hyper violent. As you said, I don't really want to make this the purpose of my training.
    It looks like Rory Miller won't teach seminars in Europe anymore. I should make some place on my reading pile for his books.

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