Public vs Private IP Address

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27 thoughts on “Public vs Private IP Address

  1. This is absolutely the best explanation on the differences between private and public ip adresses videos. Job well done sir! Are the public IP adresses also classified and what numbers do they begin with?

  2. Why does my pc's public ip address differ to my phone's public ip when connected via my mobile hotspot?
    Doesn't my phone act as a router and is assigned one public ip address for all the hosts connected to it?

  3. Dude you are awesome. This vid helped my conceptualize the ip address for private and public. I paused at different times and just thought about it. I can explain this to my family and friends which means i understand it. Also, I can tell you are a Trekkie. Live long and prosper.

  4. This is freaking awesome, you are super professional, I love your videos, I love your content and the way you are teaching us it's just sublime. I'm from Mexico btw that's why I started learning English, cuz this content it's outstanding.

  5. So when you do an explain video 1. Start with what they want. 2. Give them explanations of things to confuse them. 3. Slowly get into what they want. 4. Slam them with it. I suppose they can always rewatch if they don't understand. Yeah same ole same ole. 5 videos now. You guys should all start with dinosaurs and how we made fire, first. That would be a good distraction too.

  6. Hi Guys, do you have any idea how informative this video really is? I love the directness of the video. No Crap music playing and talking nonsense before you explain the contents. Thank you super kindly. This video is far better than what you think. You’ve helped me out so much. Basically…exams are coming up. (Fundamentals) have a great day. 🙏🏻

  7. These are the best video I have seen on YouTube. If possible can you please make videos on troubleshooting. My ISP is AT&T , they talk to me like I am a networking professional. The last error was “NEW connection temporarily blocked too many requests. Excessive outgoing connections have triggered the Internet security blocking function how outgoing connections are momentarily blocked.

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