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  1. hello and thanks for the tutorial enjoying it very much so far. i have one question tho that isn’t totally related to the tut but related to Visual Studio, how do i get it to highlight the code words like “block” in {% block title%} nested in the html. i have tried changing themes but still no luck. Does anyone know how to change this? Thanks.

  2. Thank you a lot! I'm learning to programming and also english! You are a very good teacher 😀

  3. I keep struggling with making a flask website. I've been having trouble for a long time. I really hope this tutorial finally helps me get to the end of the project this time.

    I really appreciate how you go through everything step by step. Too many coding tutorials just skip through explanations of what's going on.


  4. I ran into an import error, it said it couldn’t import name 'create_app' from 'website' (unknown location). Can anybody please help me with this?

  5. Has Tim heard of `type="email"`? It makes sure you enter a valid email. This is plain HTML. Nothing to do with Bootstrap, Flask or Jinja. 42:50

  6. sorry, I can't speak english well.
    But I'm worried.
    I get an error.
    ImportError: cannot import name 'create_app' from 'website' (unknown location)
    I don't know the solution.
    Help me!

  7. Hi Tim I just wanna ask about can I able to create post like videos and images how?

  8. For windows users:

    If you don't have VSCode, use the following command to make your templates a little bit faster:
    echo {^% extends "base.html" ^%}

    For MacOS/OSX (I can't remember what it's called right now!) and *nix users:
    I am sorry, I don't know the command for writing something to a file.

  9. Can anyone help me. I am getting an error whenever I am starting the server it's saying main not found . Pls help 🙏

  10. AttributeError

    AttributeError: 'Token' object has no attribute 'test'

    Hey Tim

    the error above is what I keeps occuring after I tried the Jijnja templating
    am so stressed out trying to fix it can you help me out please

  11. Hey Tim, you didn't cover this, but just to let you know that I had to install flask_login. Thanks for your guide man, much appreciated!

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