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34 thoughts on “Ranking EVERY SINGLE Restauran…

  1. The Turf Club is one of the BEST restaurants on property. Very underrated!!! We had my sister's pre-wedding dinner here and they were so amazing and accommodating. The food is AWESOME!!!!!!! I think it was underscored – I'd say its not super "Disney" as far as theming and not little kid friendly, but the food and service is tops. It should've been rated at least an 8 or 8.5.

  2. We dined at Rix Sports Bar & Grill and the service was terrible. They tried to make up for it during our next visit but the damage was already done. The best thing was cotton candy cheesecake.

  3. You know I was very down on Disney for a while. We went last year and everything felt muted and dull. Masks everywhere, no foreign staff, etc. it was fun but it felt off and muted. Then you saw the activist lie about Florida and saw their creepy agenda videos and I lost a lot of hope for Disney. Then they fired some people and now that they have basically started to return to normal the wife and me decided to go back. I may not want to watch their movies or tv much anymore. But the parks won’t effect that change at all. So this video helped up remember some of the better time and pick some fun places to eat

  4. yes Gonzo must be a Alien since he got visits from his Pals in Muppets from Space Movie they came with a UFO and revealed that Gonzo also one of them ;=) they even wanted him to join to come back to his Planet if I remember correctly ;=)😆🙃😊😛but thank goodness he stayed with his friends I think. Wondering when this Film finally will be on Disney+

  5. My mom and I have a tradition of afternoon tea for my birthday every 5 years, and we're planning to go to Disney for my 35th in a couple of years. I'm so excited to hear Cake Bake Shop is going to be a second option! Not that I don't expect Grand Floridian tea room to re-open, but I'm taking so many notes on where to take my family – they're letting me plan everything AND paying for it all!

  6. Just as a note if you order the dinner for 2 at Toledo: Tapas, Steaks, and Seafood you get ONE steak to share…not 2 individual steaks. It's a 34 Oz Bone In Chuleton (Spanish Ribeye) and it is the best steak I've ever eaten on property.

  7. Thank you for mentioning that Ohana has breakfast in this video. Every other time I’ve heard you talk about it you haven’t included breakfast so I wrongly assumed that they did not have breakfast and I can get the noodles all time of day and made a reservation without researching. I hope this video can help people not make my same dumb mistake.

  8. Been to Hoop several times. So glad to have one of the most iconic venues back! Expensive? Sure. But considering how good the food is and unlimited "adult " beverages……Also throw in a rip-roaring good time….. you sure 10 is enuff?

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