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32 thoughts on “Razer Blade 14 Review – THIS i…

  1. I have this model and looking to upgrade the storage capacity. Razer says that the max they can use is 2TB but i think it can go much much more, anybody know the max capacity that the RB14 can take on?

  2. I play destiny 2 on mine at 145fps. I have it fps limited. Fans stay wide open, and temps get to 63ish. Ita great and I love it! Plug keyboard, monitor, and mouse, or just plug controller an lay on couch.

  3. Wish it had a 8gb and 256gb option for 400 dollars less that's upgradeable, also for this price they could've atleast improved the keyboard and webcam, or even make the base model have 32gb of ram

  4. I still don't get why they put a 1440p display on it though… with this hardware, a 360hz 1080p display would've been perfect…

  5. Razer prices are obscene… Never bought one even though I've had numerous laptops.

    It's not the matter of being unable to afford it, it's the principle of spending so much and not getting much more than say a G14

  6. I'm just gon throw it out there but razer laptops aren't the most ideal… I mean yeah high refresh rate, rtx 3070, 4k (which is completely unnecessary for a frickin 14" display), ddr5 ram, decent speakers and overall good build quality. But… costs like $3000. Instead, I and probably everyone would go for the CA$1900 rog zephyrus g14 with the same specs except it has ddr4 ram (which is overclockable im pretty sure) and comes with an rtx 3060 (which still can handle heavy workloads). And I've seen many reviews and drawn parallels between these two rigs and the speaker on the zephyrus is way better than on the blade 14. Not sayin this to discourage razer but because it's 3000 frickin bucks for something you can LITERALLY get the same thing with ddr4 ram, rtx 3060 amd better speakers. Not to mention, ypu can also get the G14 in a brand new Ryzen 9 6900hs.

  7. What are you using as your main content creation machine? I'm trying to figure out whether to go for the new macbook m1 pro/m1 max OR for a razer blade.

  8. I have the Razer Blade 14, and it sucks at battery life, with minimal browser workload I only get 3-4 hours, Razer is over-promising a lot when they say up to 12 hours

  9. By far the BEST review of the Razer Blade 14! I’ve watched several reviews, and this covers everything, but it’s quick, concise, and gets to the point.

  10. Sold my truck and got one. Just need to find my way to work now.. maybe razer should make some USB A wheels and I can ride it like a skateboard

  11. They don't sell parts. not even the dc power input. You cannot buy that part anywhere. They will not let you have it. criminal

  12. In case you were wondering, this laptop can use the 100w Gan charger and still get 90W TGP. Just restart the computer with it plugged in to the Gan only. It's bananas I use razer 130w Gan for gaming it rocks. After it restarts, the synapse software locks it to balanced mode. Way better for travel.

  13. oh BULLCRAP!
    The touchpad on the 14" is completely broken. Trying to click and drag, and trying to highlight text to copy (for example), will send the cursor flying inches up or down the screen. Thousands have reported this. The calibration is absolutely useless. Also, try plug in a powered speaker into the aux out. it's not grounded properly. Hint, absolutely and utterly protect your ears before doing so. And don't be surprised if your speaker driver blows. The buzz is THAT loud, like 80DB. it's dangerous. Guess what, another well known issue.
    And you know what? It sucks, cause it's a wonderful laptop performance wise.

  14. I'd buy one right fucking now, but I just can't deal with an all black laptop. The amount of smudging and visible dust would bother me to no end.
    If they had this thing in Mercury White, like the Razer Book, this thing would be my number one choice!

  15. the keyboard bothers me very much, if youre gonna make a final decision just make sure to test it beforehand.

  16. I want to know what kind of black magic you guys used to get the battery to last so long. I get like 2 maybe 3 hours tops from my blade 14 and that's even after following a bunch of guides on reddit about optimizing battery life and thermals.

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