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React admin dashboard from scratch for beginners. React Admin Panel UI.
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0:00 Introduction
01:50 Installation
11:00 React Router Dom 6 Tutorial
18:10 React Sidebar Design (Menu Bar)
34:41 React Navbar Design Tutorial
46:35 React Reusable Widget Components
01:04:30 React Progress Bar Component
01:16:17 React Chart Tutorial
01:24:10 React MUI Table Tutorial
01:34:43 React MUI Datatable…


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25 thoughts on “React Admin Panel Tutorial | R…

  1. there is a single page to add something like product and users . how do i set the state for each label and for each form (like products and users )?

  2. Much much thank you, i found that your tutorial is easy to follow. and i already made an admin panel for my homework, following your tutorial… thaaanks

  3. Hey great tutorial however there is a problem with the onClick event to change theme color, any help with this would be greatly appreciated

  4. I followed along each and every step, i've had errors in the darkmode part, after setting up the the Context folder and onClick, the page goes to a blank page when i click the sidebar or the navbar darkmode switches, the console says "TypeError: reducer is not a function", i have no idea how to fix it, i cloned the project and it worked just fine, anyone can help?

  5. I have a question in terms of the design of the widget component, why didn't you expose the title, link, isMoney as props and spread operator instead of using string and a switch case to populate an the data object ?

  6. This is crazy. I built who wants to be a millionaire yesterday. Today I'm building a dashboard.Tomorrow I'm adding firebase. THANK YOU LAMA DEV

  7. I see different approach for a routing between devs. For example you can add:

    <Route element={<Header />}>
    <Route path="/users" element={<Users />} />

    <Route path="/products" element={<Products />} />

    And then a Header component:

    return (
    <…header code />


  8. Is there Redux in it !? Someone please let me know.
    I need one admin panel tutorial with redux in it.

  9. öncelikle video için teşekkürler elinize emeğinize sağlık. gerçekten çok faydalı. sadece users tablosunun alt kısmını dark moda geçiremedim. bu konuda yardımcı olabilirseniz çok sevinirim. 1den9a seçme bölümü beyaz kalıyor. inspectten baktım ama tabloyu hazır aldığımız için css uygulayamadım.

  10. sir can you please create a video on if someone username database in website and try to build a software how connect a username database into a new created mobile application?

  11. Thanks, for the amazing react project I faced difficult issues when I was doing this project in my own style issue it gives an error when I was to add yarn responding like this warning ….package.json: No license field.

    can advise me some kind of issue happen in my code or the debug


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