Recreating an AMAZING Awwward …

Awwwards is a great source of inspiration for websites. However, most times you feel like you are unable to repeat all the effects and transitions you see on these amazing websites. In this video, I’ll try to duplicate the animations and transitions used in one of the sites of the day websites so that you can get a better understanding of how some of these sites are actually built. Most times the websites are easy enough, however, sometimes they require some custom code, or just a completely custom-built site.

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0:00 First Animation
3:43 Second Animation
6:16 Adding Text

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12 thoughts on “Recreating an AMAZING Awwward …

  1. I have a question about this – How do I ensure that all of these video elements dont drastically slow down the load times of the website? We are planning a new website build with Webflow and plan to host it there (is that a bad idea?).

    Thanks for the video!

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