Set Up Your Classic Automation…

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23 thoughts on “Set Up Your Classic Automation…

  1. Thank you for the video!

    I have a problem with a classic automation. I once made an one and unfortunately it is nowhere to be found. Not under my Campaigns, not in archive, drafts, completed, not in sent. But it continues to send the mail even though I create a new landing page with a tag, he then sends both the old mail (without tag) and the new mail with the tag. I can't find a solution anywhere and mailchimp can only be reached via an answer bot that totally doesn't understand my question.

    Now out of desperation I try to ask my question here. Have you heard of such a thing and do you happen to have a solution?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi. I have a free MailChimp acct. I have setup Customer Journeys on my Mailchimp acct. And have integrated my Typeform to Mailchimp.

    However, it does not send an email whenever I do a test sign up in my Typeform. All it does is register the new contact as subscribed in Audiences but I do not receive my automated email. What do I do?

  3. Hello, thanks for the valuable video!

    Can you please show us (or answer me) how to create a data-based email automation? For examble: I want to send several emails before a specific date and aftar that date too.

    I know that I have to add to the audience "date field". But how exactly do I determine the date before which I want to send the emails? In the "Audience fields and |MERGE| tags" section there is a field called "Default merge tag value", do I have to fill in the date there?

    Thank you in advance!

  4. I read that mailchimp offers 1 email automation in the free plan, however in mine there is no way to make it free, when I want to activate the campaign I get the upgrade tour plan message.
    I would upgrade to essentials but I'm not sure if automated email is available in that plan or it has to be the standard plan (for which we don't have money right now, we are bootstrapping). Anyone knows?

  5. Thank you for this video! May I please ask is there a chance to see how many times you sent an email to each subscriber? For example, I have 13000 subscribers and the majority of them are under different segments, as I'm sending newsletters by segments. I'm a bit confused if I missed someone or overused other subscribers. Is there any way to see it how many times each of them was emailed or never been (it might be the case as well)?
    Thank you so much in advance.

  6. Thank you for this video. May I please ask you, is there a way to set up an automated email sequences with the MailChimp WP plugin only for the paid members? For example, I have a 4 week online course and I would like to set up an automated email sequence for every new participant of my course, so that they get a corresponding email on the 2nd day / 10th day / 30th day… (for example).

    Thank you in advance for your reply!

  7. I found where to add a classic automation from the Q&A here: Campaigns > All Campaigns > click "Automations" under "View By Type". However, three problems with this. First is I don't see the same link/button to click on to create another after creating one. So I cannot create another one. Second is that there is no way to pick recipients other than a whole audience even tho when you go to edit it, there is a button that says "Edit Delay And Recipients" in the Sends To line. I only have one audience. I see no way to select to send to only a segment or by tags even though your documentation says this is possible. Third, I cannot edit the automation now that I have created it. All I can do is edit the email!

  8. Help, I cannot find how to access single classic Automation in my free version!!! Your entry isn't an option. My automations page is just an Ad for creating journeys. Help and Thank you!

  9. I'm starting a new funnel for my courses, and I'm offering 3 free video sequence courses, I'd like to create an email automation for people who watch the first video only, the first and the second, and watching all three videos.
    is that possible?

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