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Step by step tutorial for learn SharePoint Online. How to create sites in Microsoft SharePoint Online. Learn about SharePoint site templates such as Team site and Communication site templates and the difference between them.

⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:55 How to get SharePoint Online
1:07 How to access SharePoint Online
1:46 SharePoint page overview
3:00 Create SharePoint site
3:15 Team and Communication site templates
3:52 Creating team site
6:08 Overview of SharePoint homepage
8:18 Create list in SharePoint
11:40 Create new list column
14:56 Customize Team site
19:05 Create Communications site
21:28 Customize Communication site
24:30 Microsoft Forms on SharePoint site
29:50 Change look and feel of SharePoint site
30:28 Customize site header
31:40 Customize site footer
32:20 Customize site navigation
34:55 Wrap up

Topics Covered:
– Learn about MS SharePoint
– How to access SharePoint in Microsoft 365
– How to create and customize sites in SharePoint
– What are different SharePoint site templates
– When you should use SharePoint team site template vs communication site template
– How to create lists and different libraries within SharePoint Online
– How to change the look and feel of your SharePoint site. For example how to change the color scheme or change you logo, site navigation, header and footer.

👋 Additional Resources:
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  1. It is fascinating. I appreciated how you explained everything very clearly and precisely.

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