Shopify how to use Sections Ev…

Shopify Theme Sections on Any Page. Not just the homepage.
Learn how to use the new JSON Templates that came with online store 2.0.
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πŸ”Ž SEO Description

With the release of Online Store 2.0, Shopify now supports sections everywhere.
Now we can add, remove and rearrange sections through Shopify theme editor on all pages and not the only home page. This major update was announced earlier this year at Shopify Unite 2021.

As Shopify Theme Developers we…


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25 thoughts on “Shopify how to use Sections Ev…

  1. Today i am a successful( top-rated and about to get Top-Rated Plus) . 25% of my success depends only on this video. I learnt almost liquid from this single video. If it is possible, I would love to have a video call with you man. Huge respect for you!

  2. I'm a little confused. So I'm using the Venture theme and I only have .liquid. Do I need to convert the entire theme code to Json in order to utilize the "second" feature in order to avoid the global values?

  3. How can you stop google showing the price in the search? In this case a wholesale website which doesn't have any prices. They hidden in the sections but show up on google search as 'free'. Could we delete some code to end up with a display store with no prices?

  4. Hello, would you be able to make a video about blocks? I noticed that main-product.liquid now does a "{%- for block in section.blocks %}. And inside that does a {% case block.type -%} rendering the blocks by type. But when I try to render the @apps block, it brings me all installed apps and not a specific one. Thanks

  5. Hey/Hallo Jan (Akzet richtig geraten?) πŸ˜€

    Thank you for your great tutorials!!! Very straight forward and helpful, earned the sub !!!

    I got 1 Problem and 1 Question:

    Problem: I can't include the new created (product) Template to my Product like you did in 06:56, beause it won't be listed there. Only "Default" and "Alternate", which are there by Default. I did it the same way with the same names and Syntax as you did?!?

    Question: I would like to create a dynamic section on my webshop where the customer can select the Product and a Color.
    How do i do it best??

    Kind Regarts πŸ˜€

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