Simple Opencart Product & Addi…

Simple Opencart Product and Additional Product Zoom


A simple but solid and effective image zoom with many exclusive control features including ability to set the magnification level, adapt the distance, determine the size and custom css.

+ Choose between zoom external window (viewing box) or internal window (magnify glass) viewing types
+ Adapt the size of both external window and internal window to suit your site
+ Adapt window on a mobile if required (ability to select for wider screen e.g. iPads)
+ Adapt the shape of the viewing window (both)
+ Change the background colour
+ Choose to display the map point (area being magnified)
+ Adapt the colour of the map point
+ Select the border colour and width of viewing window (both)
+ Adapt the distance of the internal window
+ Set the magnification Level
+ Add custom css

Pop-up function is not effected and will continue to work as normal

Free Simple Zoom – For basic use to zoom the main product image only. No admin controls, plug and play.

Simple Product Zoom – Most common use for main product image and additional image.

Simple Option Zoom – Great for sites with features on options like fabrics or embroidered products….


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