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In this “2021/22 ICT 3020” video segment, we illustrate a classic example of applying Software Reuse, by demonstrating how deploying a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) powered Web application is integrated and configured.

This segment is part of a 45-minute long episode [1] linked to the Software Process Models module/series.

## About ICT 3020

ICT 3020: Fundamentals of Software Engineering and Project Management [2] is a third-year course for the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies With Education (B.ICTs Ed.) programme, at The University of Zambia [3]. It is aimed at exposing students to the core constituent components of computer systems and, how internal computing components interact with each other to interpret, process and output data.

### ICT 3020 Learning Outcomes
• Plan a programming project using software engineering tools
• Design software programs using various methods
• Use a range of notational techniques to express different aspects of a design
• Document software requirements using formal and informal specification methods
• Develop a programming project using project management tools
• Demonstrate an understanding of issues in project management

## About the 2021/22 Course Instructor
Lighton Phiri [4, 5] is a Lecturer and Researcher at The University of Zambia [3]. He was awarded a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town [6]. His broad research interests lie within the areas of Digital Libraries…


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