South Park Lip Sync in Unreal …

Using Unreal Engine, Blender, Livelink and Oculus OVR lip sync I’ll show you how you can import 2D characters from South Park (or other objects, like a Potato) and procedurally animate their mouth.

0:00 – Intro – Unreal Engine 4 or 5?
2:09 – What programs do you need?
6:18 – Getting 2D / 3D South Park models for Blender and Unreal Engine
8:11 – Starting in Blender – Navigation & cleaning up the model
11:44 – How to export a blender file (fbx) into Unreal Engine
17:53 – Fixing normals between Blender and Unreal Engine
23:20 – Understanding morph targets and blend shapes
26:00 – Using instanced materials, making them two sided
28:15 – How to animate cartoon mouths using Unreal Engine & Paper 2D
36:30 – Setting up the OVR Oculus lip sync plug-in with Unreal
38:50 – Adding lip sync and audio functionality in blueprints
40:45 – Converting MP3 audio to Wav using Audacity
43:43 – Unreal Engine Blueprints: How to use Visemes
59:26 – It’s working. Eric Cartman lip sync.
1:00:00 – Animating a potato, South Park style
1:01:25 – Setting the project up for livelink



2D/3D Models:

Mouth Animations:

The Oculus OVR Lip Sync plug-in:

Setting up the OVR…


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13 thoughts on “South Park Lip Sync in Unreal …

  1. Did you ever try this with UE5 on a different project? I am trying to get the live lip sync to work on a separate project for UE5, but it doesn't work. It works in the sample project, but whenever I place the plugin into another project, I keep getting "Can't create voice capture" error. It seems like their is a missing piece of code that is only available within the sample project. I'm stumped.

  2. Awesome Video Thanks alot! and I have a question.. Does OVR have a function that converts my recorded voice files in real time and lip-syncs them?

  3. Golden knowledge! is there any easy way how to plug this in as a texture? Meaning I have a character and I am mixing materials, one would be the main material and the second the mouth and that would be animating using this method.

  4. hi man , do you know how to create animation sequence from level sequence? i can't rec animation when i in level sequence , i need convert face animation in level sequence to animation only , can't rec inside level sequence , any idea can help?

  5. Bro vrm4u new issue? I can package befor. I remove latest on private vrm content urti actor and showing automation exist =1 and fail. Can you check pls . If u same too plugin update or something .Reply me pls or a new guide?

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