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  2. Hi Mike, Great video!! I learned a ton!
    Question for you: I'm hoping to collect donations on my site, so it's kind of e-commerce, but I'm not really selling anything… do you have any advice on this? Should I still approach my site from an e-commerce perspective?

  3. Question: I am having trouble with the font size on Squarespace. I adjust it to the size I want on the desktop view and it changes the size on the mobile view. The font sizes are either too small for the desktop view or enormously large for the mobile view. The only thing I can find is changing the header size. Is this a glitch? Or how do I fix this problem?

  4. Found your channel and it has helped a lot. I have a dilemma I can not figure out. I created an About page that goes in my navigation bar. The problem is I did not create the About page as an About folder. Is there a way to change the page to a folder or do I just have to retreat the whole thing?

  5. Thanks for a thorough tutorial. Lots of helpful tips. I am working on a SquareSpace website (blog) started by someone else. It's mostly photos with descriptions. I've replaced most of the photos, but the thumbnail photos on the landing page are still the old ones. Can you tell me how to get the new ones to show up?

  6. I have had a Squarespace website for a couple of years. When I go in to edit mine I don't get some of the features (boxes for free placement etc) Do I have to start all over to get these features? Thanks

  7. I have a bicycle shop and I want to start selling my bikes from Greece to globally.I think I can start from squarespace as it is an easy website creator.If anyone has any suggestion please I will really appreciate it.

  8. I need to know what kind of benefits the calendar can give if I am traveling to the locations that people book. For example, does it map it for me so that the client can tell if with travel time I can get to their location in time for the time they need. Can client book directly on the calendar? Does the site allow me to send a text or email reminder of the event automatically, etc.

  9. Great vid. One small question: I'll be redesigning an existing site for my client but it won't go online until it's done. How do I show my client the work in progress? Is there an online "sandbox" I can refer the client to?

  10. I am trying to make a generic list in a text box but when I hit return the spacing is way too wide between lines. How do I narrow the gap between the lines? I want the text to be right under the previous line but when I hit the return it's like I hit the line twice. Is there a good way to create a general list?

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