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Nested contend elements for the Sulu CMS can be done with blocks. In this Symfony fullstack CMS tutorial Roland Golla – PHP trainer and consultant – shows in a live coding session how to to this. In this vidoe tutorial you will learn how to setup a price table from a HTML template. The admin part is done with a XML file and the content will be rendered to a Twig template.

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00:00 Intro Sulu CMS for nested blocks with Roland Golla
00:55 Analyse Themeforrest template structure
02:48 Template structure in a Symfony fullstack application
05:33 XML Configuration for block elements in the admin area
06:02 Use PhpStorm live templates to improve all your work
12:28 Clear Symfony cache hard way to add new content element to admin area
14:23 Add new content to the CMS
19:59 Pro tip debug all content vars one time with the Symfony debug bar
21:37 Build twig template with for lopps and if conditions
33:32 Call to action with Sulu link to a internal page
35:36 Preview live editing function in the Sulu CMS
36:45 Outro with Roland…


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