How programmers turned the internet into a paintbrush. DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Imagen, explained.

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Beginning in January 2021, advances in AI research have produced a plethora of deep-learning models capable of generating original images from simple text prompts, effectively extending the human imagination. Researchers at OpenAI, Google, Facebook, and others have developed text-to-image tools that they have not yet released to the public, and similar models have proliferated online in the open-source arena and at smaller companies like Midjourney.

These tools represent a massive cultural shift because they remove the requirement for technical labor from the process of image-making. Instead, they select for creative ideation, skillful use of language, and curatorial taste. The ultimate consequences are difficult to predict, but — like the invention of the camera, and the digital camera…

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39 thoughts on “The AI that creates any pictur…

  1. Thanks for watching! The video above is a primer on how we got here, how this technology works, and some of the implications. And for an extended discussion about what this means for human artists, designers, and illustrators, check out this bonus video:

  2. I think this was bound to happen. I tried using one of these programs and it's actually cool. I think that having ways of giving credit to artists that are used for these programs would be a good step. I can see AI art being a great source of inspiration and ideas to use and plan out different types of art. For a novice like me, it can actually be a good learning tool over how to produce different types of art. This won't be an easy transition, but I think it's a necessary one that we need to hammer out the legal and ethical details now rather than waiting for them to haphazardly come together.

  3. Wonder us one of the best apps for this. I must say tho, it is great use for a tool, one of the best tools for an artists. But only that, it’s not art and never will be art.

  4. Let us still not forget the fact that the generated images are derived from hundreds or thousands of creative artworks by us, humans. It is like the arts of different artist all come together to form an unimaginable piece we do not expect. It is still incomparable to an art piece that has the soul and passion of an artist.

  5. The thing I find slightly disappointing is that none of the AI apps I have used allow the user to give feedback to help train the AI. For example "a chicken eating a deer" produces mostly just pictures of a chicken/deer hybrid rather than one consuming the other, but there's no way to tell the AI that an output was good or bad, so it can refine the model.

  6. I feel bad for human creators that don't want their work used by the algorithm. There's no way to prove that it was their creation(s) that was used to make the image. The problem is compounded when you add in that every image generated is a true "1 of 1.
    Still the technology is truly fascinating.

  7. It will become another useless app on your device that will initially gain traction and soon will become blase just like Funny Camera Filters or that silly Gangnam Style song and dance.
    Oh so uninspiring.

  8. So Leighton space is like a universe or maybe the different aspects of a "picture universe" is being calculated by the Deep learning to create a universe or🤔 intelligence/brain then is able too create from and generate Unique Images from the universe that it created by learning
    maybe 🤔? Maybe like a kid learning how to draw the older it gets the better and I say kid because we can tell a child draw me a bird but we don't know what type color size the child is going to draw why because he or she is an individual that's where the Deep learning and latent space comes in very cool if I'm actually understanding it correctly……

    If you read this and you understand what I'm trying to say let me know if I missed anything or if I'm on the right track

  9. its not 1 AI that does this. that is an incorect statement in your title. there are several different AI programs that do similar things to produce images based on the requests and restrictions provided by the user.

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  11. The level of anxiety for tech vs art is not new, a similar existential crisis took the hearts of some painters with photography. I'll not go to say it's the same, the speed of the revolution is so fast that will be more traumatic but at the end we'll find new ways of sharing our obsessions

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