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37 thoughts on “The Avada WordPress Theme Revi…

  1. Watching this so-called review made me feel "nothing but frustration." We've used the Avada theme for over 8 years and it has been nothing but SOLID. People should really do their own research and not just talkie anybody's word for it. Especially, this guy. He never mentioned the nightmares people have after updating their Divi themes where Headers are changed and things are moved. I've read enough reviews by actual to conclude that Avada is not only the highest selling theme on the market, but the most reliable and robust.😊 We have trusted Theme Fusion for 8+ years, and their support team is stellar. So before you haul off and go with this guy's recommendation, check out Avada for yourself and look at the thousands of sites out there using this framework over the competition. I listened to this entire review, and I give it a 1.5 out of 5 stars ⭐️. He never gave viewers an actual site that he built using Avada. Whatever. Videos like this make me yawn 🥱 because they have some type of motive and it's clear to see. If you're building a website and don't know for sure which theme to use please do more research and not just stop here and watch this. Since we're being honest and giving our opinions. SMH.

  2. I like that is very fast against other builders. So many options, but since I am a developer and I wanted a builder to create quick sites (for applications, custom server functions I would program from scratch) all these options helps to customize almost everything. I'm still testing it.

  3. I had to used it about 2 years ago because my boss at the time gave his innept recommendation to the company to use AVADA. Thank God He is not my boss anymore, I am not in a company with innept bosses that recommend AVADA.

  4. I loved it before but after all the changes they made they basically made it like a maze, I don't like that much. I think it's so frustrating and if you need to add one more page or change something, it takes longer than it should. Which theme would you rank number one, flatsome or elementor?

  5. It's almost like you've used something new professionally for the first time and decided it's not like what you already use professionally but can't be bothered to learn it! There are a number of huge errors and blatant false statements in this video … (your padding comment alone sums up your lack of competence to review this product) I seriously hope no-one listens to your awful advice!

  6. I’ve used Avada for many years and it’s definitely improved over the past several years but there is a huge learning curve, but once you get it down it makes building sites a breeze. My frustration is they keep increasing the price and they have no license options for Web Developers or Agencies so it can get expensive in the long run.

  7. It's a single use license, which might explain why it has that Install / purchase ratio. Many creators worry Avada will remotely disable websites if usage exceeds the license. Though I have it installed on 3 old sites and no emails from avada just yet 😉

  8. I agree in most of the things you've said. But there are some cases when I still think is one oh the best options.
    When you need to imitate or replicate an existing website or paper design.
    For some reason you can get very very close using all the avada options without the need of css etc. With Divi and elementor You always hit a wall with a small detail and you need a workaround.
    Great review!

  9. These theme reviews is one my favourite series in playlist. It’s a must have on your library for future references and it helps to narrow down or cut the hype behind every theme that are recommended by others. Here I can find the exact truth and the taste of every users how they feel with before I decide to go all in with the theme or avoid.

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