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29 thoughts on “The END of CHEAT DEVICES is HE…

  1. Patchexd out lmao its 2022 and ecery call of duty game has at least half a lobby full of zen users and now my fav game Dayz is unplayable now because of this device

  2. So bad that they are targeting ps5 systems , what about Xbox and pc for fortnite, so unfair.

  3. I want them all to be red on list kill all that cheating shit. 99% of people using it are cheating.

  4. Bro u told all that shit just to sell your contoller at the end. WHAT THE FUCK is happening to humanity??? Fuck this shit. I’m done, i’m outta here.

  5. I know I'm late to the party, but if this is true it's great news for console players. I always see comments online saying "all cheaters are on PC etc etc" to which I often reply reminding them that the Cronus/Strikepack exist. Had Collective Minds designed these devices to simply be nothing more than a universal controller adapter and back button attachment, NOT cheating devices designed to run scripts and stuff, I'm sure they could've been great products and would not have been blocked. It really is a shame.

    Thanks very much for the detailed video!

  6. I use the strike pack with remote play, as long as I watch what I’m playing on the PS5 not the computer, I experience little to no input lag.

  7. Hello, could anyone tell me if it is possible to use the cronus zen with an ps5 controller but on ps4 without havin to buy something else ?

  8. Just wondering if now that Microsoft bought Activision n Blizzard if Sony keeps making peoples life difficult wheras Xbox is open free for everything 😀

  9. I am a Nintendo switch player I started using Cronus zen oh my god it is aimbot!!! Even tho some people said it’s ok it not aimbot. Well ether they ware lying or they just don’t know what they’re talking about

  10. You can hook up all Xbox and PlayStation owned controllers with zen. Almost all third party controllers have been updated to zen as well only a couple don’t work but soon will. Just update firmware on your zen dummy

  11. That’s weird because I use my PS4 controller with the PS4 back buttons.
    Only difference is I use the cable
    That came with my strike pack, maybe that’s could be the difference maker, but it works fine for me till this day.

  12. Don't listen to this. I currently use it for fortnite as I write this right now. There are many easy ways around it. The Zen will work I don't know what this guy is taking about. There is a very simple way around this. Use your head. It's so simple I'm not found to say it. But it's obvious. Lol

  13. I really wish I could use my PS4 controller with the Sony back buttons attachment on PS5 games. Just blows my mind that I can’t. I also wish Sony would support 1440p and not just 1080p and 4K. Get it together Sony.

  14. What about using a Modded PS5 controller with installed back-buttons and mod scripts such as rapid fire and anti-recoil?

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