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The principles of design are a set of rules that can help you create visually pleasing work. In this course, we’ll take a look at the main rules to create compositions that work well and deliver organized messaging.

00:00 Introduction
00:52 Balance
02:33 Unity
04:15 Contrast
06:13 Emphasis
07:43 Repetition
08:53 Pattern
10:43 Rhythm
12:15 Movement
14:09 Proportion
15:53 Harmony
17:58 Variety
19:58 Conclusion

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31 thoughts on “The Principles of Design | FRE…

  1. Excellent video. I really like your examples and your way of explaining. I've been a graphic designer for 10 years but I still like to watch different people's explanations of the basic principles because I like seeing and hearing other peoples ways of interpreting, explaining, and demonstrating them.

  2. 11:31 this is a reference poster by Rosmarie TISSI is in the style of De Stijl style follows the rules of modernism with abstract which makes sense for it’s “no clear system” — What is also not explained is how the rectangles are related to typography layout of setting this border (highlighted) which is the system, part of a branded series without the set the context/system is missing the understanding of it’s “system”.

    Stated in an article “I have always reduced my design to the essential, employed only few elements and played with the proportions and the empty spaces.” — Designculture

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