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  1. Hi, i don't mean to be picky, because this is an important video. But can I ask you to do a yearly update for us? It makes sense to keep it recent. Thanks for the awesome videos πŸ™‚

  2. Allowing developers access to administrator accounts is a major security breach. Some developers claim they cannot solve bugs unless they have access. That is a lie. There are other ways to debug plugins. I do NOT allow them access. They have to fix their plugins some other way. Did not mention state-sponsored or commercial espionage which not includes spying but also sabotage. A good security scanning firm like Cleantalk will deal with many problems.

  3. Hey, great vid as always!
    It made me think of my next planned website. Can you tell what exactly is needed, how many plugins to make a (smallish) e-commerce website secure? Like what is needed to make a website secure as possible: SSL, Sucuri and so on. It would help lot of viewers to ease their minds as website creation or making a website as secure as possible can be really overwhelming.

  4. I've noticed on the WP plugin repository that most of the 1-star reviews for the iTheme Security plugin are all recent, (and the 5-star reviews are months old) with most saying the update has ruined a great plugin and asking them to roll back to a previous version. Have you evaluated your glowing review of the plugin for current WP versions? Do you still feel the same, or did they make a misstep and it's no longer a good choice?

  5. where is the way to secure when you talk and talk talk talk.. You should've shown that how many plugins to install, which one to install.. how to keep .htaccess file secure. which file is important, how to set permissions for the file.. but what is this.. time wasted nothing else.

  6. Hi Adam,

    What a great video! I have been thinking about improving the security of my website. I recently helped my sister set up a WordPress website as well, and I think she will appreciate this video as well. I gained a lot of information that will be very helpful in the process. I really appreciate you sharing the top problems with security. I realized I have been making some mistakes with the security of my website. Thanks a lot for sharing this, it was a great help.

  7. Does either Sucuri or Malcare slow down your site? I run Kandence and want to get control of this. I am getting a few spam comments even as the Themes and WordPress comment features are disabled.

  8. Hey Adam, what do you think about License Share websites like WP Spring? They aren't pirated, right? Just a legal license share? I mean, I know you have to update manually the plugins when they get a new version on the membership… and no support. but they aren't pirated with backdoors and skimmers and such, right?

  9. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to create these tutorials.

    PS: I'm curious — has anyone here ever used one of the referral links and got rewarded with a premium course as promised? If you have, kindly reply.

    My experience suggests that the offers might not work exactly as promised. So I would like to know if it's just me or if that's a general experience.

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