Top 10 Elementor Pro Features

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43 thoughts on “Top 10 Elementor Pro Features

  1. Hi Ferdy , thank you for all your greet videos – and i have one question : what is the video editing program did you use to generate these greet videos – thanks

  2. Hi Ferdy,

    It was a great watch! I have been recommending Elementor to a lot of my friends, but they are always a bit skeptical about using it. You share all the best features of this tool, and I think your video will finally do the magic and convince them to try it out! Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing video, it was a very informative video, and I am sure it will inform a lot of viewers about Elementor.

  3. Thanks for the video. I already built a site with Elemntor free and want to buy Pro.. Can I built a Pro site in the background?

  4. Hi Ferdy, I learn Elementor pro from your videos, and appreciate your time. I have a question. I'm a slow learner and there are way too many things to work with. I tend to stick with a niche or fewer things to worry about. Can you suggest 1 or 2 themes that can work with elementor pro to make small products/portfolio and webshops? Do you think it's possible to learn 1/2 themes for majority of sites and become proficient in it. Like Divi theme for example. Please guide

  5. Als ik een Elementor Pro versie via jou bestel, bijvoorbeeld voor 25 sites.
    Wordt dit dan AUTOMATISCH elk jaar verlengd?
    En zijn de ontworpen web-sites bij eventuele opzegging dan nog gewoon bruikbaar?

  6. Hey Ferdi. Think you're doing an awesome job, but pushing elementor as an affiliate is not great advice. Using gutenberg would blow elementor speeds out of the water.

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