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  1. mjml is good for two types of coders… those who never had to code tables, nested tables, and just can't wrap their brains around that… and those who get to code very simple html emails.. anything complex you'll waste enormous amounts of time trying to code complex emails you'll find mjml to have serious short-comings,

  2. Thanks for covering Acorn – it is indeed just a boilerplate. I probably wouldn’t recommend using it in production nowadays since it’s quite old; I haven’t updated it in a long time and some things could be done better.

    Hope next time you’ll get a chance to try out Maizzle, too 🙂

  3. Good day Joe, talking about HTML Email frameworks. Does companies want HTML emails developed my hand-coding or using Frameworks?, because i am fixed with what's the need for hand-coding when there are frameworks? I am trying to get along with frameworks cos i hand-code. So please what do companies truly want for one to land a HTML Email developer job?

  4. Yo Joe i know you be busy but i been stuck all week trying to install Vagrant successfully…. do i need to install it before i move onto the HTML Email Frameworks Course? I'm a diamond member and also bought the tech accelerator

  5. Very good video. I have used both foundations and mjml. I chose mjml and customized it using npm and adding gulp task. Also mjml can be used with react to make reusable components. Mjml for me saves me a lot of time by using the mjml tags that are outlook conditional ready. When i test using litmus i have to do very few edits for outlook or other platforms. Joe is spot on with not skipping steps. Learn the basics and then use the frameworks to speed up the process

  6. Thank you very much, great video. I am still waiting for fiverr vs Upwork 😉 Great 2 lives I listened twice!
    What is happening to your udemy? Have you abandoned it or is there any plans for it? I thin it could be good advertising point if courses were updated…
    All the very best!

  7. 🔥🔥🔥! If I could give my 2 cents, I think being an industry email developer. Knowing how to building emails from scratch and making it responsive like Joe mentioned as well as being able to use conditional statements as well as using salesforce. Ultimately writes you a check for $70k+ type of job were you won't have to worry about any other tech niche out there because that in itself will bless you with all the skills to stay hot in this niche field. #greyhairadvice

  8. Obvious best just use frameworks and improve them if need..
    Used some 3d party email services, like eSputnik and SALESmanago and both have not so impressive email editors.. Even support struggle to create specific templates..

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