Top 20 WordPress Gutenberg Ful…

Top 20 WordPress Gutenberg Full Site Editing Tips and Tricks.

In 5 days time, Full Site Editing is released by WordPress.

Full Site Editing is very powerful, but can be a little confusing when you are just getting started.

So in today’s video, I share 20 simple but powerful tips that will help you get the hang of Full Site Editing in no time at all.

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0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Find Templates you’ve already edited
1:09 – How to Revert Page Templates
1:25 – How to create your own Page Template
2:27 – Creatively use the Row Block
3:00 – How to export your Page Templates
3:15 – How to add Menu items to the Navigation Block
3:30 – How to delete Menus
4:00 – How to rename Menus
4:13 – How to add space between Menu items
4:35 – How to add your own Colour Palettes
5:15 – How to set Global Styles for Individual Gutenberg Blocks
5:55 – How to revert Global Styles back to default styles
6:20 – Pages linked to Page Templates
6:40 – How to display a Hamburger or Mobile menu
7:00 – Add a unique Header or Navigation to a Page
9:15 – How to add Social Sharing icons to every Post
10:00 – How to add a Masonry Blog Page
10:35 – How to create a Featured Post Layout with Query Loop Block


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20 thoughts on “Top 20 WordPress Gutenberg Ful…

  1. Pages linked to Page Templates… So much time I wondered in circles because of that one… The Template called Home was my linked to my blog and I didn't understand what the hell is happening!

  2. Adding a new template fails. I've used Twenty Twenty-two & Wabi, following your directions to the letter: new Page, new Template, name it & set it up. I assign it to a page – and nothing. Not a single bit of the template to be found. I clear the cache; nothing. The template itself is intact. It just doesn't want to be used.
    The entire template system seems to be a mess. I create a new Post, and the template for a Single Page is applied. I have almost no plugins & very little content. Latest install of WP (5.9.2). Basically it's unusable because the templates are such a fail. Which means my attempt to create my website are completely stymied. This is beyond frustrating. Any thoughts?

  3. Thanks for your videos, I enjoy your style and am finding them very helpful. I’m interested in the export templates feature to use a template I’ve made on another site, but I can’t work out how to import it?

  4. Jamie I can't thank you enough. Great videos with very clear and concise explanations. I have been having fun with FSE and it is largely due to your electronic mentoring. Thank you. I have hit a bit of a snag. I have put together some beautiful pages but now am finding that the index page, which was set as a static page does not display what the FSE or the front page templates are set as. What I get when I go to the index page is some of the marketing images from the original theme home page. I have tried everything. When I get to that page with the unwanted images I click on "edit page" but what comes up is the page I wanted to be published, not the offending bits. I have edited the templates, being sure the headers and footers are not contributing the offending images, saved the templates repeatedly, been sure to set the settings/reading to select a static page and then choose a static page that I have created. But nothing seems to remove that group of images and text from the original theme. There must be something that I need to click to make this happen but I can't find anything. I have written to the theme folks but I doubt they will get back to me in the next couple of weeks. lol Do you have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Many thanks Jamie and kudos to you for an excellent channel.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. I have been struggling with the full site editor and there are precious few people who are clearly laying things out. You are surely one of those. Subscribed. Quick question. Is there a way to have video posts of youtube videos show the video thumbnail when listed on the blog page? The video thumbnails come up just fine on the single post page but not on the blog page that lists the different blog posts. I have been looking and looking for a way to do this and have come up empty handed. I know the twenty twenty theme does this automatically but not twenty twenty two. Any ideas? Many thanks.

  6. Which Theme are you using to use the Full Site Editing functionality? I'd like a Theme that is also good to create a shop that can use the FSE functionality. Do I still need to wait or is WP5.9 ready for this?

  7. Thank you for the video, I found it very helpful, trying to move away from my old editor to Gutenberg to save money, also to get involved at the start of full site editing to learn now. Rather than jump in later when there are more complex added options to learn. That way it should take fewer mugs of coffee to achieve the same results.

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