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42 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Portable Dry Herb V…

  1. I’ve had the soloII for 3 yrs now and everything you said is correct! Still works like a champ! Thinking of getting the GTS kit though, looks more modern and I like the pod idea. What do you guys think? Should I spend the money and get the GTS or just the S or keep my Solo? Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks 🤘🏼

  2. I have a Herbva 5G and I think it sucks. The nozzle is so small and I can rarely ever get a full haul out of it. Curious if anyone else is dissatisfied with it and what they bought as an upgrade. Thanks

  3. I love the mighty and it was my main thing before. when I purchased the platinum vape by nectar I am thinking that it will be my secondary device however it became the main now since the flavour is smashingly good

  4. Hello from Scotland, Legal medical cannabis patient here. Just got my first prescription and you have made the minefield of choosing a "Dream". Thank you and God Bless.

  5. thanks for the content, really appreciate this user/consumer information as well as the more 'science oriented' content. getting a lot of value out of Da Buddha and PAX3 right now.

    feedback – i dig the 2nd closeup camera shots to get an even better idea of what it is you're showing. have you considered a little more love for your set design? could rearrange things a bit for camera angles, show off the hardware in back, highlight that poster, little et cetera like that. card collecting or miniature painting channels could be inspirational.

  6. Finally got my hands on the Zeus Arc GTS Hub and I can definitely say it deserves its spot on this list. The easy loading of the ArcPods, low price, and stellar vapor performance basically make it a game changer.

  7. Alex you’re the man! Thanks for helping me choose what I need! Got a volcano classic recently and my second 722. Couldn’t be happier. Finally put away my glass no more ash tar etc

  8. Utillian 722 or GTFO!!!!
    Legit my fav to go, at home, travel, discreet, not super smelly, cloud blowing, tasty vape anywhere. I’m sure the others are great I just love. Love. My Utillian 722. Also I got it from TVAPE website …soo warranty, nicest customer service anywhere and they hooked me up w my order w a free gift!!!

  9. Great video! I'm a new subscriber from last night and I'm binging the content! Love you, keep up the grind 🙂

    Edit: the solo looks REALLY nice. And I also splurged and bought a Volcano Hybrid 🙂

  10. Hey awesome video thank you for the suggestions. I have the zeus arc gt. I want to get a new vape this year. Should I stick with the zeus and upgrade to gts? Or try the mighty or arizer?

  11. Have the utilian 722 for a month now so happy with my purchase no tobacco or smoking for my lungs, flavour so much better and my herbs last way longer than before 😁

  12. Excellent review! i own a Mighty, absolutely love it. wondering if there are any big differences between the mighty+ and the crafty+? aside from the battery life

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