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The new default theme Twenty TwentyTwo ships with WordPress 5.9 on January 2022. Since it’s the first default theme which is a Full Site Editing Block Theme I wanted to give you a little overview of all the new FSE features.

Links in the video:
2022 theme demo:
2022 on GitHub:
Full Site Editing in the Block Editor Handbook:

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30 thoughts on “Twenty Twenty-Two WordPress Th…

  1. Thank you! This is the best tutorial I've found on editing block based themes. This is the beauty of competition, I can't help but suspect that the popularity of Elementor's block based post and page editing played a significant role in pushing the wordpress team in the direction of block based editing.

  2. Thank you very much for the great video, One question please, after installing the 2022 theme, the site with header and footer is not a page and not a post? how that is possible? I mean when you visit the site, you see a page that is not listed in All pages. how is that possible?

  3. Hi Ellen, Thanks for your video as it did a good job of showing most of the parts: Headers, Footers and Content. Content and how to assemble are the missing pieces in most videos I have watch so far (maybe 5+ and left w/few clues to the entire process). Thanks again and I will look for more of your videos.

  4. Hi Ellen. Thanks for your informative video,. I am new to using WordPress and I have the twentytwentytwo theme installed, but even though I can access the 'Home' page and edit that, I am not sure how to create a new sub-page. Basically, I intend to create a 6 page website – with a home page and 5 sub-pages.

    Perhaps I am wrong here, but I am assuming now that because this is a 'theme', twentytwentytwo content will not appear in the Admin default wordpress Pages/Posts tabs, therefore adding a new page via the default wordpress Page tab will not be tied to twentytwentytwo.

    I appreciate any help! :)……. UPDATE: I found it, I was correct about it being seperate from the default wordpress admin Page/Post tabs. I found it on the twentytwentytwo 'Visit Site' page, then +New' on the top bar.

  5. When I started creating a web page using WordPress more than 10 years ago, WordPress was super easy to set up and use. It was its major advantage over other CMS competitors. Now it is becoming more and more complicated to use… but thanks a lot for this introduction 🙂

  6. Sorry for the basic question, but I started editing my website with Elementor, and then stumbled across this video so I went to the Editor, but the changes I made to the site in Elementor are not visible in the Editor, the template is completely blank. Why?

  7. Thanks for the good introduction. When I want to create some new pages how can I asign the page template layout to a new page? Selecting "Template: Default template" in the right bar doesn't shows the template page layout. Btw. I use the block theme Skatepark (from automattic).
    How did you create (designed) all your single pages?

  8. Hi, Tanks for this video.
    I have a question if I may…. – When should I create a new page or a new Template? I guess that a page can be based on a Template – But I can't figure it out…

  9. Nice video – thank you for explaining it so thoroughly. We like a footer that runs left to right full screen like the cover image. Currently, even the full-width footer has a white margin that we prefer to avoid. Can you talk more about how to add additional CSS class(es) to individual block elements? The footer template is not accepting our custom class with margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; position: fixed;

  10. It's an awesome experience to watch this intro. of TT2 along with a handy touch on Full Site Editing functionality of this default theme. You are natural in explaining the things and impressive too. I learnt a lot and perhaps ready to play with this theme on my website. Thanks!

  11. Thank you for patiently explaining the wordpress update. I have learnt a lot in these 20 minutes. I hope you make video tutorials on designing complex sites using the new 5.9 block editor. None of the the videos on youtube explain this. they seem to be just copying eachother to get hits or views. You are a good teacher

  12. I'm a complete newbie creating a self hosted wordpress blog for the first time. My budget didn't allow for a paid theme & I'm immensely grateful for this guide. It's very detailed & easy to follow. Thank you.

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