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Learn to convert your Webflow websites to WordPress using Udesly 3.0. This tutorial covers the steps needed to achieve successful conversions and get your sites up and running as quickly as possible. Get started : Udesly: & Webflow:

These tutorials take a-lot time and energy so if you find them useful, please help keep me awake and caffeinated so I can be a more productive person 🙂

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0:00 Workflow overview
0:45 Requirments
1:24 Basic Website structure
3:59 Building and Linking to CMS items
10:02 Attributes, Export, and Convert
12:39 WordPress Installation Process
15:50 Editing content on WordPress

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24 thoughts on “Udesly 3.0 – Webflow to Wordpr…

  1. Hi, I watched you coverting webflow to shopify. Now I'm switching to wordpress. I found that really hard to use Elementor pro. In my opinion, webflow is the best designing tool. (I am not a professional web designer, I just a shop owner, took only 4 days to learn webflow and so far so good).

    Here is my questio:

    I tried to use the template that was for my old Shopify shop to convert to WordPress. I was having trouble with selecting product categories on the homepage. If you have time, could you please do a tutorial about weblfow to WordPress (woocommerce), like how to select particular products on homepage Thank you so much

  2. Hey friend, I don't see the front end editor button on my end? Any suggestions? I'm logged into WP and see just "My Site" and "Reader"
    Great video by the way!

  3. Hey @AlternatePro,

    just came across your channel by accident, great content!

    Udesly seems to be awesome actually! Especially the fact that it´s creating custom acf-contenttypes automatically!

    I have 2 questions, if you have time …

    1) How is Udesly handling blog-posts? In WF there is not really a "real/default" blog post-type – so I guess Udesly will create a new acf-posttype also for a "blog-collection", am I right? Or in other words: is there a way to use the native WP blog system but prepare everything for this already in WF within a collection? Because of course the WP blog system is more advanced, since this is the core WP functionality. So if a site has a blog, it would be weird to not use it.

    2) If I needed a more sophisticated custom post-type structure in WP, I was using the tools from Types.com in the past. This allows much more complexity than collections in WF. If I want to use this in the WF->Udesly->WP workflow, I guess I would create those elements static in WF and then make the dynamic manually in WP – but I would need to get access to the html level of each page (to be able to add shortcodes etc., create views, etc.) – is this possible? Or is there even another possibility which would make this more automatic/faster?

    Thanks so much! 🙏🏼
    Cheers and greetings to New Zealand, the most beautiful country on this planet! 😉

  4. I've yet to try to use Udesly, but based on how it works it's actually astonishing that this is being overlooked by the industry and society at large. HTML/CSS is not a valuable skill in many peoples eyes, but design certainly is. Again, it's astonishing that plugins like Udesly or Anima make it this easy to go from design to running this fast.

  5. Once its imported, setup & working in WordPress, can we export to DIVi or use the DIVI builder plugin to edit pages?

  6. I noticed at the end of the video (around 19:19) that when you went into a project page in WordPress all of the fields could be edited in the Gutenberg editor on the back end. How did this get set up in Webflow? Udlsey's documentation on adding attributes is less than clear. But it says that by adding acf:textarea it will show up in the Gutenberg area… so far no luck with that. Is there something that I'm missing? Awesome video!

  7. Thanks so much; this video is way more in-depth than the ones on Udesly's channel. I have a question if you're able: how does transferring forms and search functions work between Webflow and WordPress using Udesly? Do you have to rebuild them in WordPress, or are they pretty much transferred seamlessly as well?

  8. Hey, awesome tutorial! If I set up the theme like described in this video and then later on my client wants me to add a section or different page, would it be possible to just update the design? (Because the client would have probably edited stuff in the meantime in WordPress and the Design from Webflow would not have those changes).
    For example I often create custom landing pages for my client, every time they have a new product.

  9. Hey, I have a question. My client needs a plugin for his site that manages his real estate listings. I want to build a custom cms page that interacts with the plugin is this possible? The plugin is a own cms I only need it to interact with the designed cms page in Webflow. Would love a response, thank you in advance!

  10. Hey ! I'm wondering if your Webflow project contains collections with collection fields ( I'm not very familiar with Webflow excuse me) can Udesly create corresponding Custom Post Types with custom fields in WordPress? Or do you have to recreate and map the design somehow?

  11. Amazing!! But I have one question regarding the SEO, the Google search console doesn't have any problem with that structure? And if we have a multi language site.. Sorry but recently I saw that if we export an webflow website with multi pages and host in our personal server, all the links and pages has .Html extension in the url bar and this is strange and I can't remove that. But if I can host it in servers compatible with WordPress system it seems a good solution for that problem .
    Amazing video man!

  12. The question was asked about updating an existing theme. I would be interested in seeing a video of taking a old theme with existing content and updating it with a newly design theme from WF. Any chances of that? I have the opportunity to do that now but I am apprehensive as I do not want to cause any issues to the client existing site or data.

  13. Hey there! Thank you so much for these videos they are beyond helpful – I'm so excited about this workflow – I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but let's say I've uploaded the theme I've created in Webflow to WordPress, and down the road I want to add a new page to the WordPress site. How would I go about building that page? Does the Udesly front-end editor supply enough tools to do so? Or would you have to build it in Webflow and re-upload updated theme?

    Thanks so much! Hellos from Canada 🙂

  14. Hello. Thank you also for theese tutorials! My client needs e-commerce store. How do you think, would it be possible to: 1)design store in Webflow, 2)convert to WP, 3)In WP add woocommerce plugin for e-commerce, 4)add other e-commerce plugins with local delivery functions (pacomats, etc.). I have heard a lot that Webflows e-commerce is quite expensive..and also limited. What do you think about that?

  15. This is great, thank you! How easy is it to updated the template? In a couple of months if had to make design updates to a site, would the data stay stored on the WordPress and connect to a new template?

  16. Hi mate – can you share a theme created with webflow and udesly? Would like to see how it works in wordpress

  17. How long do you wait? I installed the theme and it installed super fast.. I have like the 'header' to our site and that's it. Do I just wait? Nothing is installing or updating or anything… Udesly adapter is installed as well… I already tried re-installing the theme, same thing happens… Do I just go do something and come back later? Baha, no clue if I wait or did something wrong..

  18. Is it just me or does the sound not sync with the video

    Ps keep the videos coming appreciate you doing them

  19. I’m not trying to be negative but I think you should stick to the Webflow to Shopify series.
    Most people leave WordPress for Webflow, what would be the point to convert WF to WP? I guess using the WP plugins maybe.

    Anyway, in my opinion, there are much more people interested in converting Webflow to Shopify (for ecommerce) rather than to WordPress (for plugins), including me.

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