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  1. Hi Cedric! @26.00 you describe how to create the tag for a single Pixel ID, what should i do if i am working with more than 1 Pixel ID? I in fact have 3 Pixels each serving different markets, should i create a tag for each pixel, therefore having 3 tags or is there a way i can create a variable to insert the correct Pixel ID? What would be the input to determine the Pixel ID output though, measurement ID? Thanks !

  2. Thank you so much for this video!

    Question – you mentioned about loading the GTM webserver script via the GTM server side. Should this be best practice? If we are saying that one of the flaws with webside is ad blockers, shouldn't this impact GTM webserver script from loading, hence GA4 and FB CAPI will not function?

    Thanks again

  3. Everything seems to work, thank you so much! However it costs a lot of money especially if you want to set it up for every client you have (as an agency). For example I got a small website with a low volume of pagevisitors, I'm paying for 5 days already 20 dollars! That's insane. Is there a free way or a less expensive way?

  4. Hi Cedric, your responses to the following questions are requested:

    1) After importing the container, will the default event parameters values (event id, event time,…) require or are generated by the presence of a data layer? Or will they work in general?

    In general my website does not have a data layer so I will be using javascript variables created with the GTM Variable Extension.

    At approximately 17:38 you begin to reference GA4 'user properties'.

    2) Are those property names (user_data.email_address; user_data.first_name,…) the equivalent of the 'customer information data parameters (email, first name,…)' used when FB pixel advanced matching is enabled?

    3) Could the 'user properties' values be those variables created by the data layer or custom javascript?

    Thank you for your helpful videos.

  5. Thank you so much for making this video… I just tried to download the file, but I think there is an issue with it. Can you confirm that the CAPI Custom GTM Templates is the right one to download?

  6. honestly, this is the best tutorial on any topic to date. I can't believe how much detail you give us. Strat session booked for Monday. I have so many systems integrated for a funnel I had to put together due to merchant restrictions with our 2 CRM's and Clickfunnels

  7. Hey Cedric! The tutorial worked perfectly fine. Thanks for everything. After 24 hours however, the website crashed and I think it has something to do with the DNS-records. I've put in a subdomain in the Google cloud that is not used and put in the DNS records for my main domain. Do I need to create a subdomain with my hosting program before I put in that custom URL in Google Cloud?

  8. Hello! Thanks for this tutorial. It is amazing.

    I've followed every single step. The only thing that doesn't work for me is the 'Deduplicating'. When I test the events in the 'Test Events' section in Facebook event manager, The browser events come in later then the server events. Is this the reason the events aren't deduplicating? In the overview section, the 'Event Match Quality' displays 'poor'. Is this the reason the Timestamps aren't the same?

  9. Hi Vertex, Thank you for your value video. Of all the videos I watched on this subject, your videos are the only ones I find very well taught and step-by-step. I have a question: When I go to the App Engine in Google cloud when I clicked ADD A CUSTOM DOMAIN it directed me to create an application. Is this correct in order to add the website?

  10. For the A and AAAA DNS records when I add them it crashes my site? Do I need to set my subdomain as the alias or is it supposed to point directly to the main domain?

  11. Hi there!! great tutorial everything worked fine but I don't see the "Test Events" proof that events are coming from Server side… any idea what could cause it?

  12. Awesome Tutorial! Thank you:
    I need help at 35:19 I'm getting the message "Container config cannot be empty."
    Container Config (Required): I don't what to enter here or where to find what to enter
    This is my first trying this on Google Cloud.

  13. Hi Cedric, thanks a lot for the very helpful content. One question: You said that some things (custom domain, cname…) did crush your website? Does that mean one couldn't enter the website afterwards or something worse? Was the website fully functional again after undoing the settings? Thanks for clarifying and best wishes! Ole

  14. Hello i love ur video but there is one problem i cant get tag facebook conversion API TAG – he is not on my tag list's its deleted from there ? or it will be avaible only after create server-side container ?

  15. Thank you for your video , Can you help me when I submit the code it says this error : "Unknown variable name

    FB – Base Tracking

    Unknown variable “Billing First Name” found in a tag. Edit the tag and remove the reference to the unknown variable.", I don't know how to add this variable, where can I see the installation instructions for this?

  16. Tried to follow this, but ended up more frustrated with too many little details skimmed over. Can't get any sort of data flow with the User Properties with what's given in this video. Down many hours with more of a tangled mess than before.

  17. thankyou for tutorial! , i have question, currently i dont have google cloud for server, but Now i'am using Vultr as hosting which is my domain stick in it. So if i chose Manually provision tagging server on container setting, and then code Container Configuration generated. and then what should i do next ? where i should put that code?

  18. Thanks for this tutorial. I'm trying to use this method but I can't still make it work. Some custom events trigger in GA4 (browser and server) but other custom events don't, even though the GA tag triggers the server doesn't detect them. I used a subdomain created with our provider (amazon I think) is that a problem? Also, in minute 34, about the subdomain in the GTM tag, do I have to replace that Google URL with my subdomain in the tag already installed on my site? I'm confused about it. Please help!

  19. Hello Cedric, Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial. Tried to get the CAPI Custom GTM Templates but the link is broken. Is there any other way to get it?

  20. Hello, thanks for the video ! I struggle with Event ID, it's not the same for the client vs server. My facebook tag and GA4 are not launch at the same time due to RGPD, how can I have the same Event ID ?

  21. Hi, thank you for the detailed instructions! I have been able to receive all the events when having the event_test_code, but when I remove it, it is not showing up in the Overview section graph nor adding lead counts to the Campaign conversion results, any reason for this?

  22. Great Guide! I am having issues with FB browser pixel not receiving the pixel fire from GTM. I get it from the server side but not browser side. In GTM it says that it fired off. So the Page Views deduplicate it self. And then It just deduplicates the lead from the server side even though it never came in from the pixel side.

  23. Thanks for sharing your template, it is very useful! For GA4 tags, you have these in User Properties



    Aren't these personally identifiable information that shouldn't be sent to Google Analytics? Thank you.

  24. hey, thats a very nice guide! thanks so much! everything worked at the first setup! ive only one problem, my events in the events-manager having the same event id, same event time and the same url but they are not deduplicating, ive read also the commentarys here but i cant find nothing 😀 do u have any suggestions?

  25. Hey everyone, im a beginner and trying to download the template.. keep getting this error..

    JSON parsing error: mismatched input '}' expecting {'{', '['}

    Sorry if this sounds stupid, im still leanring here 🙂
    can anyone help?

  26. Great tutorial. I have a question. When I test the event in business manager, the server activity is not activated. And also the event ID gives me a weird number like ob3_plugin-set_…… how can I solve it?

  27. Hi, thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. I'm stuck in how to create custom triggers for events like AddToCart. As you mention there is another video with this explanation, however I was unable to find it. Can you gimme the link pls?

  28. if you also want Google Analytics to send data from the same server, do you need to set up another client in the Server Side Container? Or, is it already doing that? Thanks for your help. Your videos are so well done.

  29. Hello Vertex, I do have a question. One of our clients said they don't have a subdomain of the domain they are currently using but they have another domain that is unused. Could we use that unused domain (not a subdomain, totally different domain) to configure the SST via google cloud?

  30. Hi, thank you for the great explanation! When setting up the FB conversion API, FB offered me to use their self-installation wizard. It connected to my GTM and created 4 tags automatically in the client-side GTM – a FB pixel setup tag, FB pixel event tag, FB GA4 Config tag and FB GA4 Event tag; and 1 FB tag in the server-side GTM.
    I am a little bit confused about few things:
    1. Should the newly generated FB pixel tags replace the old ones (set up years ago) or should they work together? The new pixels do have some FB variables included in the code that are not present in the old code (FBEventName, Event_ID_Constant). Is it safe to delete the old pixels and use the new ones only?
    2. Once cookies go away eventually, will it be safe to delete the FB pixels from GTM and leave only the FB API tags?
    3. I had previously created GA4 tags in order to use them for Google Analytics in both client and server-side GTMs. And now FB has created new GA4 variables, which are almost identical, except for the FB GA4 Event tag in the client-side GTM, which contains some FB variables. Should all of them stay, or is this an unnecessary duplication? In other words, does the FB conversion API require a separate/new GA4 tag or could it use the GA4 tag created for Analytics purposes?

  31. Hi, Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial which is so clear and helpful. I don't know if I missed the part, but I'm curious about what event parameters (event_time, first_party_collection,page_location….) are for? I don't see these data shown anywhere on Facebook or GA4. How can I use these fields?

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